Every space that we enter is comprised of a number of elements that make it either successful or not;

- a successful room/ space is functional.

Functional design can refer to a focus on function rather than aesthetics, a concern with objectives rather than components.



- a successful room/ space expresses a mood

A spaces mood allows those using it to feel emotions and can be very effective in defining how the space will be used. Often in design a mood board will be developed where clients posts pictures of what they believe the space should make us feel.

mood board

Mood board for a studio flat

- a successful room/ space exhibits a sense of harmony

Harmony brings together a composition with similar units. If your design was using wavy lines and organic shapes you would stay with those types of lines and not put in just one geometric shape.

Harmony can be achieved through repetition and rhythm



Among these three components of design there is one uniting factor that defines whether a space is functional, expresses the proper mood and is harmonious.