What Type Of Swimming Pool Is Right For Your Home?

Adding a swimming pool to your home can be a source of great fun and exercise, while also increasing the property value of your home. When it comes to choosing the right pool for your home, there are lots of things to take into consideration and lots of options to choose from. Though it can seem overwhelming, here are some easy ways to determine what type of pool will best suit your home. Inground. Inground pools usually look the best…

What Type Of Pool Is Right For You

Are Your Pets Safe In The Swimming Pool?

We’ve all seen cute videos of dogs, and even other wild animals, splashing around in the pool. But not all animals are gifted swimmers and when you have a pool on your property, you need to ensure the safety of your pets and any other animals that may come by to visit. Some dogs are gifted swimmers that you’ll never have to worry about. Some are scared of water and will stay far away. Yet, some are interested but aren’t…

Pets In The Pool: Safe Swimming

3 Tips To Consider When Buying A Swimming Pool

Buying a swimming pool is super exciting. But, it’s also a big commitment and can be overwhelming. You want to make sure you’ve got everything right – the type and size of the pool, placement of the pool, choice of pool contractor and so on. Here are some tips to help take the stress out of buying a swimming pool. Do Your Research When in comes to swimming pools, the options can seem endless. There are pools for any taste,…

Buying A Swimming Pool

Fun Pool Games For Your Family

Playing games in the pool together is a great bonding experience for your family, as well as an opportunity to stay active and healthy. It’s definitely easy to have fun just swimming and splashing about, but here are a few games ideas for even more fun. Remember when playing any of these games to take into consideration the swimming ability of each member of your family to make sure everyone has fun and stays safe. Marco Polo. Marco Polo is…

Family Friendly Pool Games

10 Facts About Vinyl Pools

When looking to install an in-ground swimming pool, there are numerous materials that you can use that, in turn, affect the overall cost of your project. Vinyl pools offer a number of benefits, including their ease of installation (generally within one week) and cost effectiveness, being the least expensive in-ground pool option available. Other well and little known facts about vinyl pools include: Vinyl liners have a smooth texture that eliminates the risk of scratching yourself on the pool walls.…

Interesting Facts About Vinyl Pools

How Hot Tubs Can Help Reduce Stress

Spas and hot tubs are known to provide a number of therapeutic benefits; from physical and emotional stress relief to relief from arthritis and muscle pain, a soak in your hot tub can give and keep your health on the right track. How stress affects you Stress is a normal part of life resulting from any thought or situation that produces feelings of anxiety, anger, or frustration. Whether you are impatient because of getting stuck in traffic, or feel nervous…

Reducing Stress With Hot Tubs

10 Factors That Will Determine The Cost Of Your Swimming Pool

If you’re considering purchasing a new swimming pool, then you already know it’s going to be a costly investment. Whether you’re looking for a standard swimming pool for personal use or a larger model to accommodate family and friends, it’s important to keep in mind the factors that influence the total cost. Cost of Your Swimming Pool The type of pool you’re looking for, as well as location and materials will contribute to the price you’ll ultimately pay. In addition,…

10 Factors That Determine The Cost Of Your Swimming Pool

Important Tips For Maintaining Your Pool

Keeping your pool clean and sparkling doesn’t have to be time consuming. It is, however, one of the duties you sign on for when buying and installing a swimming pool. Here are 5 important tips for maintaining the cleanliness and overall health of your pool: Skim debris. Skim the surface of the pool every few days by hand to make sure ?that the surface stays clear of debris. This is one of the easiest ways to keep your pool clean…

Pool Maintenance

5 Best Landscaping Ideas For Around The Pool

Now that you’ve got your pool fully installed and it’s up and running and ready to be used, what to do about the yard space around it? Adding some finishing touches to the space around your pool is a great way to accent the water and make the area really come to life. Below are 5 great landscaping ideas for around the swimming pool: Gazebos. A small gazebo is a great idea to add some wooden charm to your poolside…

Landscaping Ideas For Pools

How To Choose The Best Pool-Side Furniture

If you are putting in a new pool for the summer or you have a well-worn one that could use a pool-side furniture overhaul, it can be difficult trying to decide what looks good with the shape and aesthetic of your pool, as well as the general theme of your yard and house. It can be a daunting task for homeowners, but there are a few tips and tricks to ensuring that you choose the best look for your house.…

Pool-Side Furniture


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