Everything You’ll Need to Close your Pool this Fall

It’s always sad to close down the family pool for the long cold winter. However, with these tips, you can look forward with hop to a fresh, clean, well-maintained pool in the spring time! An Early Start A quick chemical test and adjustment five days before you close your pool can save you thousands in […]

Are Pool Chemicals Safe for Your Skin?

Doesn’t it feel like every other week we find something else that’s bad for skin? Sunlight, lack of sunlight, coffee, alcohol: we’re constantly told what is causing skin damage. Some pool chemicals could be placed on this list, but it’s important to note that the damage they cause, like the damage from going outside without […]

How To Choose The Perfect Pool For Your Backyard

Deciding whether or not to get a pool of your own can feel pretty daunting. Even after you choose to get one, there are more big decisions to make about which kind of pool to install. In most cases, once you put in the pool, there are no options to make big adjustments. So you […]

The Benefits of Vinyl Pools vs. Fiberglass

After you’ve made the decision to have a pool installed in your yard, the type of pool is often the next topic of conversation. Two of the more common materials used are vinyl and fiberglass. We usually lean toward vinyl when suggesting a pool material, and here are a few reasons why:

Best Practices for Maintaining Your Pool This Summer

There’s nothing quite as nice as a relaxing swim in your pristine pool. Conversely, there’s nothing as frustrating as walking up to your pool for a dip, only to discover it’s filled with slime or has a broken pump! Maintenance problems can easily snowball and take your pool out of service for a long time. […]

3 Things You Should Know Before You Start to Dig a Pool

Before you are able to enjoy that lovely new inground pool in your backyard, the obligatory hole must be dug to create the space you need. Without the hole in the ground, there is no pool, but digging the hole isn’t as straightforward as it seems. Here are three important points to consider before you […]

What pool type should you choose?

A pool for the house means more fun and activity in the comfort and privacy of your own home. It can be a place for adult parties or a wholesome way to spend the afternoon with the family. Putting a pool on your property is a serious decision with some good options available on the […]

How Much More Expensive is an Indoor Pool?

Having a pool is a valuable addition to any home, as it enhances the aesthetic value of the property, increases value and creates an enjoyable activity for the whole family to take part in. And while the majority of homeowners think outdoor pool, having an indoor pool may be even more enjoyable. Of course, there […]

How to Make Sure Your Pool Company Doesn’t Use Subcontractors

While there are many factors that contribute to your pool installation going as smoothly as possible, one that doesn’t always get a lot of attention is the use of subcontractors. You may not even realize that the contractor you hired is actually using a subcontractor to complete the work, but it is a practice that […]

Top 5 Questions to Ask Swimming Pool Contractors

Having someone you trust to install an important part of your home is the key to a successful renovation. Making the right choice can be the difference between a smooth installation and one full of headaches. Prepare a list of questions while vetting your local contractors for the best choice. Ask for referrals If you […]


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