8 Mistakes To Avoid Before Pool Construction

Pool construction is a job that must be done accordingly or it could greatly deter the pool’s longevity. It has to be done right and with care, even the preparation for pool construction must be done properly. Become aware of the mistakes to avoid before pool construction and you can avoid any mishaps during the process. When you decide that you want to have a pool put in, there are things that you will want to consider first. Never hastily…

Mistakes To Avoid Before Pool Construction

Five Ways to Control Pool Odor

When it comes to pool odour, chloramines are the culprit. Chloramines occur when your pool lacks enough chlorine. They are formed when nitrogen and active chlorine meet. This sounds extremely dangerous but the side effects are minimal. The smell can be potent and the lack of sufficient chlorine can cause skin irritation and itchy, red eyes. A well-managed pool is odourless and won’t affect your skin and eyes. To keep your watery oasis from smelling foul, try these five ways…

Control Pool Odor

Are Swimming Pool Chemicals Harmful?

There’s a question that lingers on every swimmers mind: Are swimming pool chemicals harmful? The answer is, no. What chemicals are used in pools? Chlorine is a chemical you are probably familiar with. This chemical is used in every type of pool from indoor, outdoor, to salt water pools. Chlorine acts as a sanitizing agent because it kills bacteria and germs and deters algae from growing. It also oxidizes our body’s oils and keeps them from mixing with the pool’s…

Swimming Pool

When To Change The Water In Your Swimming Pool

Homeowners wait all year to open their pools, but how well-kept do they maintain them once they’re opened? With a morning or nightly dip, that’s a lot of contamination going into the water. With that in mind, how often should it be changed? Under normal circumstances, the answer to the question should be: never. In fact, trying to drain your own pool can lead to changes or damage to the structure of your pool, or worse, you could end up…

Swimming Pool Cleaning Tips

Three Tips For Improving Poolside Safety At Home

Pools are a great place to sit back, relax, and enjoy your time with family and friends or teach your young ones how to swim. It can also be the setting of more sophisticated parties full of excitement and distractions, but it’s important to be able to keep your guests and family safe during their use of your home. While there is no need to have a pool guard on duty any time the pool is in use, you should…

At Home Poolside Safety Tips

 What’s the Right Age to Learn to Swim?

We know that spending time in the water with family and friends is a great activity for children in the summertime, but one issue that many parents struggle with is deciding when is the right time to introduce their children to the joys of swimming. The water poses an exceptional danger for young children, as shown by a recent study which highlighted that between 1999 and 2010 nearly 14,000 Americans drowned, with forty percent of those cases involving children from…

Kid Learning Swimming

Swimming Pool Safety Tips for Kids

Visiting a swimming pool during the weekend or on an extended break with family and friends should be a joyful experience for children of all ages, but it takes only a momentary lapse in a parent’s concentration for their child’s safety to be compromised. It’s important to understand the unique safety challenges within a swimming pool and to follow expert tips to ensure your children are safe and free to enjoy a memorable experience in their local or home swimming…

Kids In Swimming Pool

How to Know If Your Pool Needs Resurfacing

A majority of people with yards have the desire for a pool to enjoy during the warm Canadian summers. Having a point of relaxation in their own backyard is a massive asset to any home! What people don’t always realize is that it takes regular maintenance to preserve a pool’s condition, this includes resurfacing. So, what is pool resurfacing and how do you know when to get the pool resurfaced? What Is Pool Resurfacing? Pool resurfacing isn’t a term you…

Resurfacing Your Pool

Do Pools Increase Resale Value?

Having a swimming pool in the backyard is wonderful for families or homeowners who enjoy cooling off in the crystal clear water provided right outside of their door. Pools provide homeowners with a form of entertainment and relaxation, especially when it’s hot outside and air conditioning just doesn’t suffice. But with yearly maintenance, upkeep, and other considerations, are pools an investment that serves as merely an entertainment option, or do they increase the resale value of your home? A Pool’s…

Backyard Pool

Vinyl Liner Pools VS Fiberglass Pools

A home isn’t really a dream home without a perfect backyard pool for you to relax by and for your kids to spend summer days playing around in. Nothing can compare to the luxury of being able to lounge around a pool on your own property for the weekend. The question here isn’t whether or not to get a pool, but instead is what kind of pool do you get? Vinyl liner pools are a consistent popular choice, but how…

Vinyl Liner Pool


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