How to Make Sure Your Pool Company Doesn’t Use Subcontractors

While there are many factors that contribute to your pool installation going as smoothly as possible, one that doesn’t always get a lot of attention is the use of subcontractors. You may not even realize that the contractor you hired is actually using a subcontractor to complete the work, but it is a practice that […]

How Much More Expensive is an Indoor Pool?

Having a pool is a valuable addition to any home, as it enhances the aesthetic value of the property, increases value and creates an enjoyable activity for the whole family to take part in. And while the majority of homeowners think outdoor pool, having an indoor pool may be even more enjoyable. Of course, there […]

Living Walls – Creating Privacy with a Hedge

As a Toronto pool contractor, we at Solda Pools have experienced all kinds of backyards in many different neighbourhoods around the greater Toronto area (GTA). One consideration to consider is how you will make your new backyard retreat private for you and your family. An alternative option to higher fencing or screening is creating privacy […]

3D Design – The Benefits for Customers and Designers

3D design software has become a facet among many design firms today as it gains popularity in the industry. Programs such as Google Sketch Up have gained popularity because of their ease of use and their uncanny ability to change the way that designers develop conceptual designs. At Solda Pools, we are constantly looking for […]

Pool Permits: Do You Need One?

Yes you need a pool permit for your in-ground swimming pool project. I am asked on a regular basis if a permit to build a swimming pool is required and the short answer is yes. Although residential swimming pool construction is not regulated through the Ontario building code and does not require a building permit, every […]

Defining Outdoor Living Spaces

When designing your outdoor living space it’s important to have defined spaces. By defined spaces I mean that the space should have a function. For example a dinning or eating area, walkways taking foot traffic from one area to another, a sitting area for conversations by a fire feature or possibly a lounging area  in […]

Simple and Tasteful Landscape Lighting

The difference between a good backyard and a great one is how the space functions in the darkness. Having an outdoor oasis during the day is spectacular and welcoming for guests but how will you keep the good times going in the dark of night? Landscape lighting can add so much to an outdoor living […]

Three Stages in Designing a Backyard Living Space

It’s a common statement “I want my cottage to be in my backyard” and with that statement the design process starts. Most homeowners start the in-ground swimming pool and backyard design process before they know it; it actually started the first time they looked at a picture or other outdoor space and imagined it being […]

Solda Service: What To Do If My Pool Turns Green?

Solda Pools Service Tips: What to do with a Green Pool? You come home from a 4 day long weekend. Your once crystal blue pool is now green with algae…what do you do!?!? *note: should you notice the colour of your pool being near ‘mustard’ or ‘black’ please call your service professionals at Solda Pools […]

Guide to Award Winning Pools: what makes these projects award winners? : Part 1

Part 1: the Bronze Award Winners At Solda Pools, we are a GTA Toronto pool builder who not only build to exceed our clients expectations but also are proud of the projects we complete. Every year Solda Pools enters the National Pool and Spa Awards run by the Pool and Hot Tub Council of Canada. […]