Protecting your Skin from Swimming Pool Chemicals

Most swimming pool sanitizers take the shotgun approach: they attack all organic material just to get at bacteria. Unfortunately, “all organic material” may also include your living skin, depending on which brand you’re using. If you’re concerned about how pool chemicals can affect the health of your skin, here are seven ways to prevent sanitizers from causing damage: Shower After and Before Showering after makes sense for your skin: no need to wear that chlorine all day! But showering before…

Protecting your Skin from Chemicals

How to Design your Swimming Pool

If you’re having a custom swimming pool installed this year and want it to work well with your overall home, you can try designing it yourself! Be warned, though: Trying to create a pool design from scratch takes some creativity and a lot of work. You’ll need an artistic eye, a good sense of space, a thorough understanding of pool plumbing, and some computer skills. If you’re still interested in taking a crack at pool design, or if you’re simply…

Swimming Pool 3D Architecture

Swimming Pool Myths Debunked

Everybody who has ever used a traditional, chlorine treated pool has probably experienced itchy skin or irritated, reddened eyes has at some point and wondered if the chlorine was to blame. Or maybe you have color-treated hair and have been afraid to use a public pool in case the high levels of chlorine make it turn green. These are just some of the various myths that have surrounded swimming pools for years, and we’re here to set you straight! Myth: Chlorine…

Swimming Pool

Products to Make Pool Maintenance Easier

Before getting a pool installed, a major concern of many homeowners is the maintenance that goes into owning and operating a pool. While it’s true that a neglected pool will quickly become an unsightly, unsanitary mess, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to take forever to take care of it. As more and more people have pools installed in their yards, more and more products have emerged to make pool maintenance a breeze. The main concerns when it comes…

Pool Maintenance Products

Opening Your Pool: A Checklist

Getting your pool ready for the summer can be pretty exciting, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot to do! Doing everything properly the first time will save you lots of time and aggravation in the long run, so be sure to check this list to ensure you are covered and ready for your first poolside gathering of the season. Pool Chemicals A week or two before you plan to open your pool, it’s a good idea to…

Pool Inspection

How to Get the Most Out of Your Pool Year-Round

Having a pool in your backyard is all about the convenience of being able to swim whenever you feel like without a lot of travel time or hassle. Unfortunately, outdoor pools in many areas of North America really only get a few months of good use, and even then it’s only during sufficiently warm enough parts of the day. Why spend all that money if you can’t get great use of your investment year-round? Well, with just a bit of…

Backyard Pool

How do Saltwater Pools Work?

Saltwater pool systems involve using dissolved salts to deliver chlorine into the pool water. Despite common misconception, they’re not an alternative to chlorine, but rather an alternative method of distributing it. There are many reasons why this method of distribution may be beneficial for your home pool, but you need to know how it works! Traditional Chlorine Distribution vs Saltwater Distribution In traditional swimming pools, there’s a combination of free available chlorine (FAC) and combined available chlorine (CAC) which includes…

Saltwater Pool

Customizing your Pool

When it comes to installing a pool, there’s a lot more to decide on than just where you want to put it. In fact, there are many decisions that you’ll have to make over the course of designing the perfect pool for your family. Pools can be a significant financial investment for some people, so it’s worth taking some time to make sure you are getting exactly what you want. Inground or Above Ground? The first major decision to make…

Customized Pool

Health Benefits of Pools

Swimming is the fourth most popular physical activity in North America, and with good reason! Shown to decrease the risk of serious illness while reducing symptoms in persons suffering from a variety of health conditions, swimming is a great aerobic exercise that improves the use of arthritic joints and decreases associated pain. Swimming can also improve the quality of life of the elderly by helping them maintain flexibility and strength while avoiding injury and disability. If you’re not convinced to…

Pool Health Benefits

Are There “Green” Pool Chemicals?

With many people choosing a more natural and chemical free lifestyle, alternatives to the standard pool setup have become increasingly popular. Concerns over the effect of chlorine on the body have led many to consider alternatives such as ionization systems which create clear and healthy water without the need for harsh chemicals. While these systems are effective and a good alternative to chlorine or bromine, a popular trend in current pool design is going in a very different direction: 100%…

Natural Pool


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