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Swimming Pool Cabana Design

Week 1:Swimming Pool Cabana Design Wood Siding Wood siding is a very popular option for home owners looking for the natural, organic look for the exterior of their swimming pool cabana designs, while not breaking the bank. It’s a versatile product with a variety of surface treatments available from natural oils and stains to paint. Wood is a favourite of contractors too because it is easy to work with and install, requiring only basic hand tools and saws. The material…


Every space that we enter is comprised of a number of elements that make it either successful or not; – a successful room/ space is functional. Functional design can refer to a focus on function rather than aesthetics, a concern with objectives rather than components. function – a successful room/ space expresses a mood A spaces mood allows those using it to feel emotions and can be very effective in defining how the space will be used. Often in…

Glass Tiles Toronto: A unique application of tile in swimming pools

Glancing through home and outdoor design magazines, it’s difficult not to notice glass tiling. Between the carefree elegance of Egyptian glass and the refined look of more tempered and geometric applications, glass tiles are popping up everywhere and it’s clear why (Figure 1). They make small surfaces burst with colour and texture and provide elegant accents to large rooms. Even in cities like Toronto glass tile is becoming a more common installation among swimming pools. Figure 1 – Egyptian Glass…

Solda Pools Owners Toronto


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