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Living Walls – Creating Privacy with a Hedge

As a Toronto pool contractor, we at Solda Pools have experienced all kinds of backyards in many different neighbourhoods around the greater Toronto area (GTA). One consideration to consider is how you will make your new backyard retreat private for you and your family. An alternative option to higher fencing or screening is creating privacy with a hedge. Landscape screening can come in many forms and usually involves planting hedgerows of plant material that will grow into maturity and provide…

Pyramidal English Oak (Photo Courtesy:

3D Design – The Benefits for Customers and Designers

3D design software has become a facet among many design firms today as it gains popularity in the industry. Programs such as Google Sketch Up have gained popularity because of their ease of use and their uncanny ability to change the way that designers develop conceptual designs. At Solda Pools, we are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to advance our design capabilities. New pool specific 3D design software has allowed us to advance our skills and provide customers with a…

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