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The World’s Most Amazing Swimming Pools!

Pools are one of the great luxury items that people can’t seem to get enough of. Thanks to their immense popularity with people on vacation, luxury resorts around the world have spared no expense creating some truly stunning and inviting pools. Here are some of the most amazing pools from around the world. Hanging Gardens Ubud, Bali The tiered infinity pools if the Hanging Gardens are set at the top of a cliff surrounded by rainforest offering stunning views and…

Marina Bay Sands Resort, Singapore

How to Look After your Swimming Pool

A key element in taking care of your pool is maintaining the right balance in your water chemistry. This is essential to keeping your pool as safe and clean as possible for swimmers and learning how to do it yourself can save your family lots of money compared to professional upkeep costs. Determine What Type of Chlorine to Use Chlorine kills bacteria, algae, and microorganisms and is available in a wide variety of types which are well-suited to different applications.…

Water Chemistry Levels

How to Clean and Control Pool Algae

Many water and surface problems in a pool can be easily handled by the pool owner with a bit of education and effort. To help you with the education part, we have put together this handy guide which goes over the most common pool problems and what they look like and offers possible causes as well as solutions. Green Algae Description: Green algae is probably the most common pool ailment and can occur pretty easily if your pool is not…

Pool Algae

How to Keep Kids Safe around the Swimming Pool

A swimming pool can be a lot of fun for your family, especially during the hot summer months, but drowning prevention and education are important considerations in order to keep your children safe around the water. In the United States an average of 3 children drown every day. This is perhaps partially because many people expect that a drowning child will splash loudly and yell when drowning but this is usually not the case. Often it happens quietly without anybody…

Keep Kids Safe


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