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Protecting your Skin from Swimming Pool Chemicals

Most swimming pool sanitizers take the shotgun approach: they attack all organic material just to get at bacteria. Unfortunately, “all organic material” may also include your living skin, depending on which brand you’re using. If you’re concerned about how pool chemicals can affect the health of your skin, here are seven ways to prevent sanitizers from causing damage: Shower After and Before Showering after makes sense for your skin: no need to wear that chlorine all day! But showering before…

Protecting your Skin from Chemicals

How to Design your Swimming Pool

If you’re having a custom swimming pool installed this year and want it to work well with your overall home, you can try designing it yourself! Be warned, though: Trying to create a pool design from scratch takes some creativity and a lot of work. You’ll need an artistic eye, a good sense of space, a thorough understanding of pool plumbing, and some computer skills. If you’re still interested in taking a crack at pool design, or if you’re simply…

Swimming Pool 3D Architecture


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