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Five Ways to Control Pool Odor

When it comes to pool odour, chloramines are the culprit. Chloramines occur when your pool lacks enough chlorine. They are formed when nitrogen and active chlorine meet. This sounds extremely dangerous but the side effects are minimal. The smell can be potent and the lack of sufficient chlorine can cause skin irritation and itchy, red eyes. A well-managed pool is odourless and won’t affect your skin and eyes. To keep your watery oasis from smelling foul, try these five ways…

Control Pool Odor

Are Swimming Pool Chemicals Harmful?

There’s a question that lingers on every swimmers mind: Are swimming pool chemicals harmful? The answer is, no. What chemicals are used in pools? Chlorine is a chemical you are probably familiar with. This chemical is used in every type of pool from indoor, outdoor, to salt water pools. Chlorine acts as a sanitizing agent because it kills bacteria and germs and deters algae from growing. It also oxidizes our body’s oils and keeps them from mixing with the pool’s…

Swimming Pool


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