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Pool Safety Tips For Seniors

Pools can be a wonderful way to cool off in the warmer weather months. Many families have pools put in so that they can enjoy the outdoors even when it’s strikingly hot outside. It is a great way for friends and family to gather and enjoy each other’s company. Not only can pools be dangerous for youth who may not know how to swim yet, but it can be dangerous for seniors as well. When senior citizens frequently use a…

Pool Safety Tips

6 Great Poolside Party Ideas

Pool parties are one of the best ways to gather all of your friends, family, peers, and neighbors for a fun time where everyone can socialize. There are many wonderful ways to throw a party and one of them is by creating a themed party. It is important to set the party up on a day where the weather is said to be favorable and to assure that you have covered all of the bases to throw a party everyone…

Poolside Party Ideas

3 Ways To Upgrade Your Pool Landscape Lighting

In terms of backyard appeal, few features complement outdoor landscaping better than premium pool lighting. Installing an in-ground pool alone is a worthwhile investment, one that can definitely make your home stand apart from the rest of the properties in the neighborhood. When equipped with elegant illumination, however, you can rest assured knowing your personal aquatic escape will be the talk of the town, not to mention the ideal place to relax and unwind at the end of a long…

Upgrade Pool Landscape

Preventing Pool Accidents This Winter

One wrong step is all it takes to turn an ordinary day into a disaster. So has been the case for many children and animals who unknowingly slip and fall into backyard pools every year during the winter months. If you are a homeowner, it is your responsibility to ensure proper safety measures are in place to prevent such accidents from happening. Whereas accidental drownings are a major cause of concern in the summertime, a number of serious injuries and…

Winter Pool Accidents


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