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3 Possible Reasons Your Pool Filter Isn’t Working

A pool filter is vital for avoiding health problems at your pool. It helps trap contaminants and other particles in the water, so your pool stays clean and pleasant. When a filter is not working properly, you might notice that your pool water is circulating but it still appears dirty, hazy, or milky. Here are some common pool filter problems to help you troubleshoot and fix your filter: Pressure problems Excessive pressure in the pool filter tank can arise due…

How To Fix A Damaged Pool Filter

Why Does Pool Water Turn Cloudy?

If you own a pool, you probably know that the bright, crystal clear water can turn into an annoying eyesore of hazy or cloudy water overnight. The pool is not only unpleasant but can easily lead to a number of problems including: Discomfort and swollen eyes for anyone swimming Short filter cycles that require frequent cartridge cleaning Hazy pool water is not necessarily due to poor maintenance. Some of the factors that contribute to the problem include: Pool Chemicals Poorly…

How To Fix Cloudy Pool Water


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