Three Stages in Designing a Backyard Living Space

It’s a common statement “I want my cottage to be in my backyard” and with that statement the design process starts. Most homeowners start the in-ground swimming pool and backyard design process before they know it; it actually started the first time they looked at a picture or other outdoor space and imagined it being in their yard. First comes the “wish” stage; as the idea of creating an outdoor living space takes hold, you start to put together the…

Solda Service: What To Do If My Pool Turns Green?

Solda Pools Service Tips: What to do with a Green Pool? You come home from a 4 day long weekend. Your once crystal blue pool is now green with algae…what do you do!?!? Green Pool – Solda Pools – Toronto Pool Builder (courtesy *note: should you notice the colour of your pool being near ‘mustard’ or ‘black’ please call your service professionals at Solda Pools for assistance. This article is meant for information purposes only…

Solda Pools- Toronto Pool Builder -

Guide to Award Winning Pools: what makes these projects award winners? : Part 1

Part 1: the Bronze Award Winners At Solda Pools, we are a GTA Toronto pool builder who not only build to exceed our clients expectations but also are proud of the projects we complete. Every year Solda Pools enters the National Pool and Spa Awards run by the Pool and Hot Tub Council of Canada. In 2013, Solda Pools won 14 National Awards in a wide variety of categories. In this blog series we will examine all of the projects…

Solda Pools- Toronto Pool Builder - spa

Painting the Town Blue! – 2013 National Pool and Spa Awards honours Toronto Pool Builders

At Solda Pools, we place the needs of our projects and our clients at the forefront of everything that we do. We take extreme pride in not only being able to meet and exceed our clients expectations but also build a backyard oasis that we are proud to call a ‘Solda Pool’. Though our projects are our main priority, we are also proud to be a valued member of the Pool and Hot Tub Council of Canada. Collaboration and sense…

Solda Pools Toronto - 2013 National Awards Night

Winter Blues – Top 5 Plant Protection Tips in Harsh Conditions

Whether you have had plant material installed by our expert landscape crew at Solda Pools or have done your own landscaping on your property, here are some plant protection tips for winter maintenance of your plant material in harsh conditions. Burlapped Tree (Photo Courtesy: Wind, snow and ice can cause serious damage to sensitive trees such as young cedars. Before the winter season approaches, consider covering sensitive trees in burlap to protect from the harsh conditions of winter. New trees…

Burlapped Tree

Winter Tips for Hot Tub Use and Maintenance

Plunging into a warm oasis during the falling of soft snowflakes can be one of the best feelings and benefits of having your own personal spa. Any pool builder in Toronto will tell you that having that picturesque retreat requires a little extra care along the way. Here are some tips that Solda Pools recommends while running your concrete hot tub in the winter; What to Look For with our Winter Tips for Hot Tub Use and Maintenance: Daily Check–…

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Swimming Pool Cabana Design

Week 1:Swimming Pool Cabana Design Wood Siding Wood siding is a very popular option for home owners looking for the natural, organic look for the exterior of their swimming pool cabana designs, while not breaking the bank. It’s a versatile product with a variety of surface treatments available from natural oils and stains to paint. Wood is a favourite of contractors too because it is easy to work with and install, requiring only basic hand tools and saws. The material…

Swimming Pool Cabana design option


Every space that we enter is comprised of a number of elements that make it either successful or not; – a successful room/ space is functional. Functional design can refer to a focus on function rather than aesthetics, a concern with objectives rather than components. function – a successful room/ space expresses a mood A spaces mood allows those using it to feel emotions and can be very effective in defining how the space will be used. Often in…


Glass Tiles Toronto: A unique application of tile in swimming pools

Glancing through home and outdoor design magazines, it’s difficult not to notice glass tiling. Between the carefree elegance of Egyptian glass and the refined look of more tempered and geometric applications, glass tiles are popping up everywhere and it’s clear why (Figure 1). They make small surfaces burst with colour and texture and provide elegant accents to large rooms. Even in cities like Toronto glass tile is becoming a more common installation among swimming pools. Figure 1 – Egyptian Glass…


Solda Pools Toronto: Premium Swimming Pool Builder

Toronto Swimming Pool Builder Solda Pools offers a number of competitive advantages when compared to the industry. See what Solda Pools owners and operators have to say about its competitive advantage. Solda Pools Toronto Pool Excavation

Solda Pools Toronto Pool Excavation


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