Creative Ways To Incorporate A Slide Into Your Pool

Whether you are young or old, a slide in your pool is a good time. Traditional slides are great, but there are many creative ways to install a slide in your backyard pool. Below are some creative ways to help you incorporate a slide into your pool and maximize summer fun in your backyard. The Landscaped Pool Many modern pools have incredible rock landscape architecture around them to give them a more natural feel. There are plenty of ways to…

 How To Incorporate A Slide Into Your Pool

4 Benefits Of Composite Decks

All homeowners know the aesthetic appeal of a great looking deck. A beautiful deck is not just a place to relax and spend time with friends and family, it also adds considerable value to your home. Most homeowners also know the downsides to owning a traditional wood deck. Repainting, refinishing and continuous maintenance can make wood decks a hassle, and expensive, depending on where you live and how much use the deck sees. Many people are turning to composite decks…

 4 Benefits Of Composite Decks

Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Pool

Now that the nice weather is finally upon us, you can start to look at your pool once again without feeling a pang of nostalgia. It won’t be long, depending on where you live, before you can once again enjoy your yard, your pool and time outside with your family. There are some things that you are going to need to take care of before the pool is ready to dive into. Below are some spring cleaning tips for your…

 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Pool

Testing Your Pool’s Water: 5 Things To Know

Pool testing is something that every swimming pool owner needs to do. Testing your pool’s water is a simple process if done correctly, and will ensure the safety of the pool’s users as well as keep your pool in good shape. Before you start, there are five things to know to ensure you’re testing the water properly. Get a Good Kit Although there are many good pool test kits on the market, avoid the cheap ones. These will only test…

Testing Your Pool’s Water: Five Things To Know

Best Plants To Keep Poolside

A garden adds a green touch to any space, especially if you have a pool in your backyard. The right plants can provide a pop of colour and texture, and create a private poolside oasis. There are certain plants that work better than others for specific purposes, for example, bamboo, palm trees and hedge bushes are great for creating natural fencing and shade. The Canadian climate may make it hard to grow palm trees, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t…

Best Plants To Keep Poolside

Concrete Vs. Vinyl Pools: Which Is Better For You?

When it comes to choosing a type of pool, there are generally two options: vinyl or concrete. Each style offers numerous benefits, so it all comes down to personal taste, your price range and the type of backyard you have. Below we’ll explore the pros and cons of concrete and vinyl pools to help determine which is better for you. Concrete Pools A concrete pool is a swimming pool that is made out of a compound consisting of a mixture…

Concrete Vs. Vinyl Pools: Which Is Better For You?

5 Tips For Designing Your Swim-Up Bar

Swim-up bars provide an air of elegance and luxury for any pool. They’re easy to maintain and offer a resort-like quality to your backyard. If you’re looking to design a swim-up bar for your pool area, here are five tips to get you started. Consider Your Space Swim-up bars should be placed in shallow areas where the water level comes in at 30–42 in., so that you and your guests can sit comfortably, partially submerged, but with your arms free…

Tips For Designing Your Swim-Up Bar

4 Swimming Pool Trends For Summer 2017

Design trends are continually evolving – and swimming pool trends are no different. Pools are more popular than ever with homeowners, and justifiably so. They bring an element of class to a home and are a great asset in those hot summer months. If you’re a homeowner considering contracting a pool for your home, here are some top pool design trends for 2017: Where’s the edge? Vanishing edge pools, also known as infinity or negative edge pools, have one wall…

Swimming Pool Trends For 2017

How To Use Liquid Chlorine In Your Pool

Pools need chlorine – yet, pool owners find it intimidating to administer this substance. Understanding how to use liquid chlorine can help you to eliminate any challenges you might encounter. Basically, chlorine can be added to pools in three different ways: Granular, pucks and liquid. When using liquid chlorine, there are a number of things to take into consideration. Here are some guidelines: Safety first Chlorine is much more powerful than bleach and precautions should be taken. Wear shoes –…

The Best Way To Use Liquid Chlorine In Your Pool

4 Ways To Upgrade Your Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is not only the height of luxury, but a practical way of keeping your indoor kitchen space clean during the warmer months. Grilling food offers you an opportunity to entertain guests and create delicious meals, but this is not the most practical cooking method if you have to keep running inside for supplies, dishes and utensils. An updated outdoor kitchen makes meal preparation a snap so you and your guests will have more time to enjoy the…

Upgrade Your Outdoor Kitchen


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