3 Signs Your Pool Needs To Be Restored

A swimming pool is an investment, just like any other. It is not something that you buy and then get rid of when it doesn’t work anymore, it is something that requires regular maintenance, even upgrades, throughout its useful life. If you have had your pool for a while and are worried that it might require some major work, below are three signs that your pool might need to be restored. Stains and Discolouration The more you use your pool,…

3 Signs You Need To Restore Your Pool

Important Tips For Maintaining Your Pool

Keeping your pool clean and sparkling doesn’t have to be time consuming. It is, however, one of the duties you sign on for when buying and installing a swimming pool. Here are 5 important tips for maintaining the cleanliness and overall health of your pool: Skim debris. Skim the surface of the pool every few days by hand to make sure ?that the surface stays clear of debris. This is one of the easiest ways to keep your pool clean…

Pool Maintenance

5 Best Landscaping Ideas For Around The Pool

Now that you’ve got your pool fully installed and it’s up and running and ready to be used, what to do about the yard space around it? Adding some finishing touches to the space around your pool is a great way to accent the water and make the area really come to life. Below are 5 great landscaping ideas for around the swimming pool: Gazebos. A small gazebo is a great idea to add some wooden charm to your poolside…

Landscaping Ideas For Pools

How To Choose The Best Pool-Side Furniture

If you are putting in a new pool for the summer or you have a well-worn one that could use a pool-side furniture overhaul, it can be difficult trying to decide what looks good with the shape and aesthetic of your pool, as well as the general theme of your yard and house. It can be a daunting task for homeowners, but there are a few tips and tricks to ensuring that you choose the best look for your house.…

Pool-Side Furniture

5 Small Pool Design Ideas

It’s almost that time again: pool season. The warm weather is on it’s way and the kids have been hounding you for a pool all winter. The only problem is, you don’t know if you have enough space to put a standard sized swimming pool in the backyard. Fear not. Below are 5 small pool design ideas that are smart on space and big on personality. Concrete plunge pool. The circular concrete plunge pool is a great option for those…

Small Pool Design

5 Health Benefits Of Swimming For Your Dog

Most dogs, save a few timid and a few less buoyant breeds, love the water. Swimming not only provides dogs with stimulation and entertainment, but, much as it is for human beings, it is an excellent source of cardiovascular exercise for them and has many far reaching and long-term health benefits. In this article, we’re looking at the five top benefits of swimming for your furry friends: It combines exercise and play. Most dogs, especially those bred for a specific…

Health Benefits Of Swimming For Dogs

Choosing The Best Tile For Your Pool

A swimming pool without appealing tiles surrounding it is an incomplete one. Tiles which go with the lighting, the outside decor and bring together the overall theme of your house, outside space and swimming pool design can make or break an otherwise beautiful swimming pool. Here are 5 tips for choosing the best tile for your pool. Keep within budget. Clearly we all want the absolute best of everything, but best does not by any means imply the most expensive.…

Best Tile For Pool

5 Easy Ways To Keep Your Pool Clean

Making sure that your pool stays clean and inviting does not have to be an overwhelming chore. Not all pools were created equal and some have more involved and complicated maintenance needs than others, but there is one universal truth that applies to all of them: the secret to pool cleanliness is routine care. Here are 5 easy ways to keep your pool sparkling clean. Take care of debris and clean out your baskets. Taking a few minutes every few…

Cleaning Pool

5 Tips For The Ultimate Custom Pool

It’s easy to be envious of people with pools in their backyards during the hot summer months. If you’ve ever had or known anyone with a swimming pool, they are an enormous comfort, not to mention great exercise and a stunning aesthetic addition to a yard. The traditional cookie cutter pool, however, is becoming a thing of the past as custom designs allow owners to create and design some very interesting and eye-catching swimming pools. If you are thinking about…

Custom Pool

How To Remove Black Algae In A Pool

If you own a pool, you know how frustrating it can be to see spots of black algae on the floor and walls when you’re ready to take a dip. Routine maintenance and upkeep come with having a pool. Many beginner pool owners learn this the hard way. Sticking with a preventative maintenance plan is the only way to keep bacteria from forming in the water, and from ultimately leading to that dreaded black mass. The pool professionals at Solda…

Cleaning Pool


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