Tips To Eliminate And Prevent Green Algae In A Swimming Pool

Algae. It is an integral part of our ocean’s ecosystems and a key oxygenator, allowing for all life on earth to breathe. It’s very important to the world, but it has no place in your swimming pool. You don’t want to be like Homer Simpson and jump into your pool only to come out covered in green slime. Nor do you want to do what Homer did next and blind people by adding too much chlorine. In order to avoid…

Eliminating Algae In Pool

9 Ways To Spice Up Your Outdoor Living Space

Maybe you have just bought a new home or maybe you feel like it’s time for a change in your backyard. Either way, you have so many options of what to do with your outdoor living space that it can be difficult to know where to start. To better help you decide which options you have available and which ones will work best for your space, we’ve compile a list of ideas to spice up your outdoor living space. A…

Outdoor Living Space

What Are The Most Common Swimming Pool Maintenance Mistakes?

Maintaining your pool, ensuring it’s in working order, and keeping it beautiful can be hard work at times, but the work is made all the more difficult if you’re not doing it right! It is important to stay on top of your pool’s appearance and health, so we’ve compiled a list of the most common mistakes people make when maintaining their swimming pools. Read on to learn how you can save yourself time and effort so you can better enjoy…

Common Pool Maintenance Mistakes

2 Pools Not Suited For Canadian Climates

Canada is known for many things, such as a multitude of amazing cities, excellent natural landscape, and freezing (often frigid) winter temperatures. Most people, many Canadians included, could do without the last point! Source: Alas, cold weather comes with the beauty of this country as a package deal; if you live or are planning on living in Canada and want to own an in-ground pool, you need to know that not just any pool will do. Not all outdoor…

Natural Swimming Pool

How Do Saltwater Pools Work?

So you are thinking about converting your freshwater pool into a saltwater one, but are unsure whether this is a good idea. Although they have been around for quite some time, many pool owners fail to realize the many benefits these types provide in comparison to their conventional, chlorine-based counterparts. The saltwater process itself may seem a bit confusing at first, but it is actually quite simple once you understand the basics. Source: What to know about saltwater pools…

Saltwater Pools

4 Ways To Maintain Pool Health During The Winter

Unless your outdoor pool is outfitted with a heater, you probably say so long to it for a few months every year when winter comes around. Since the vast majority of in-ground models are, you do not necessarily have to drain and refill yours on account of the cold season. While this is certainly not a bad thing when performed by a professional pool cleaning and maintenance company, most industry experts advise residents to keep their pools up and running…

Maintaining Pool During Winter

3 Fixes for ‘Green’ Swimming Pool Water

If you own a swimming pool, you know the importance of maintaining it on a regular basis. There is a lot more work involved to keeping these outdoor escapes in good condition than most people realize, especially when it comes to making sure the water is crystal clear and clean. Algae buildup is one of the more annoying and common issues that affects both residential and commercial swimming pools, and it is caused by both an imbalance in pH levels,…

Green Pool Water

The Health Benefits Of Swimming

There are many health benefits associated with physical activity. Swimming is relaxing but also keeps your mind, body, and soul in good shape. It is important to swim using proper technique, as swimming with poor technique can do more harm than good. What are the Health Benefits of Swimming? You won’t need to do the south beach diet. Swimming helps you to lose belly fat. Since you are working out and hopefully using good form, you are working out your…

Benefits Of Swimming

Selecting The Right Pool Design: What You Need To Know

One of the best ways to beat the heat during the summer is in your very own swimming pool. Not only does it increase the value of your home but let’s be honest: it’s fun, fun, fun! Your friends and family will love it, plus you won’t be complaining either. If you choose the right layout for your in-ground pool, you will be set for success and be a happy camper in the summer heat. Here are a few things…

Right Pool Design

7 Hot Trends In Swimming Pool Design

Excited to plan your new pool? We bet you are! Before you get started, take a look at some of the hottest trends in swimming pool design right now. If you’ve already started planning – this may give you some new thoughts and if you are just starting to plan, let the creativity flow. Exercise Pool With Spa You don’t always have to go to your local fitness facilities to get a good workout in. You can get the workout…

Swimming Pool Design Trends


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