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3 Ways To Upgrade Your Pool Landscape Lighting

In terms of backyard appeal, few features complement outdoor landscaping better than premium pool lighting. Installing an in-ground pool alone is a worthwhile investment, one that can definitely make your home stand apart from the rest of the properties in the neighborhood. When equipped with elegant illumination, however, you can rest assured knowing your personal aquatic escape will be the talk of the town, not to mention the ideal place to relax and unwind at the end of a long…

Upgrade Pool Landscape

8 Mistakes To Avoid Before Pool Construction

Pool construction is a job that must be done accordingly or it could greatly deter the pool’s longevity. It has to be done right and with care, even the preparation for pool construction must be done properly. Become aware of the mistakes to avoid before pool construction and you can avoid any mishaps during the process. When you decide that you want to have a pool put in, there are things that you will want to consider first. Never hastily…

Mistakes To Avoid Before Pool Construction

How to Know If Your Pool Needs Resurfacing

A majority of people with yards have the desire for a pool to enjoy during the warm Canadian summers. Having a point of relaxation in their own backyard is a massive asset to any home! What people don’t always realize is that it takes regular maintenance to preserve a pool’s condition, this includes resurfacing. So, what is pool resurfacing and how do you know when to get the pool resurfaced? What Is Pool Resurfacing? Pool resurfacing isn’t a term you…

Resurfacing Your Pool

Steps to Installing Deep End Pools

After the winter we’ve had, we need a light at the end of this cold tunnel to look forward to. Summertime is that light, and there’s no better way to celebrate than by enhancing your home with a pool. Treating yourself to spectacular memories to help you make your way through the next winter season is ideal, but pool instillation isn’t an easy task. Any pool expert will tell you that step one to a successful install is simple: Contact…

Deep End Pool

Glass Tiles Toronto: A unique application of tile in swimming pools

Glancing through home and outdoor design magazines, it’s difficult not to notice glass tiling. Between the carefree elegance of Egyptian glass and the refined look of more tempered and geometric applications, glass tiles are popping up everywhere and it’s clear why (Figure 1). They make small surfaces burst with colour and texture and provide elegant accents to large rooms. Even in cities like Toronto glass tile is becoming a more common installation among swimming pools. Figure 1 – Egyptian Glass…

Solda Pools Owners Toronto


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