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Vinyl Liner Pools VS Fiberglass Pools

A home isn’t really a dream home without a perfect backyard pool for you to relax by and for your kids to spend summer days playing around in. Nothing can compare to the luxury of being able to lounge around a pool on your own property for the weekend. The question here isn’t whether or not to get a pool, but instead is what kind of pool do you get? Vinyl liner pools are a consistent popular choice, but how…

Vinyl Liner Pool

How to Design your Swimming Pool

If you’re having a custom swimming pool installed this year and want it to work well with your overall home, you can try designing it yourself! Be warned, though: Trying to create a pool design from scratch takes some creativity and a lot of work. You’ll need an artistic eye, a good sense of space, a thorough understanding of pool plumbing, and some computer skills. If you’re still interested in taking a crack at pool design, or if you’re simply…

Swimming Pool 3D Architecture

Essentials for Opening Your Swimming Pool This Spring

Spring has arrived, and you’re ready to take a dive into your pool and enjoy the warm weather. If you’ve properly maintained your pool all winter, then opening your pool this spring should be simple.

Pool Cleaning

Living Walls – Creating Privacy with a Hedge

As a Toronto pool contractor, we at Solda Pools have experienced all kinds of backyards in many different neighbourhoods around the greater Toronto area (GTA). One consideration to consider is how you will make your new backyard retreat private for you and your family. An alternative option to higher fencing or screening is creating privacy with a hedge. Landscape screening can come in many forms and usually involves planting hedgerows of plant material that will grow into maturity and provide…

Pyramidal English Oak (Photo Courtesy:

3D Design – The Benefits for Customers and Designers

3D design software has become a facet among many design firms today as it gains popularity in the industry. Programs such as Google Sketch Up have gained popularity because of their ease of use and their uncanny ability to change the way that designers develop conceptual designs. At Solda Pools, we are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to advance our design capabilities. New pool specific 3D design software has allowed us to advance our skills and provide customers with a…

Final Project

Pool Permits: Do You Need One?

Yes you need a pool permit for your in-ground swimming pool project. I am asked on a regular basis if a permit to build a swimming pool is required and the short answer is yes. Although residential swimming pool construction is not regulated through the Ontario building code and does not require a building permit, every municipality in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) does have a pool permit or swimming pool approval process of one kind or another. During the process…

Pool Installation

Defining Outdoor Living Spaces

When designing your outdoor living space it’s important to have defined spaces. By defined spaces I mean that the space should have a function. For example a dinning or eating area, walkways taking foot traffic from one area to another, a sitting area for conversations by a fire feature or possibly a lounging area  in a sunny spot next to the pool. Here are just a few ideas of how to define a space when designing your backyard in-ground swimming…

Material change - interlock to flagstone

Simple and Tasteful Landscape Lighting

The difference between a good backyard and a great one is how the space functions in the darkness. Having an outdoor oasis during the day is spectacular and welcoming for guests but how will you keep the good times going in the dark of night? Landscape lighting can add so much to an outdoor living space and having the appropriate amount of light is key to creating an inviting backyard. Too Much Darkness We have all witnessed a house in…

Night Lighting

Three Stages in Designing a Backyard Living Space

It’s a common statement “I want my cottage to be in my backyard” and with that statement the design process starts. Most homeowners start the in-ground swimming pool and backyard design process before they know it; it actually started the first time they looked at a picture or other outdoor space and imagined it being in their yard. First comes the “wish” stage; as the idea of creating an outdoor living space takes hold, you start to put together the…

Night Lighting

Swimming Pool Cabana Design

Week 1:Swimming Pool Cabana Design Wood Siding Wood siding is a very popular option for home owners looking for the natural, organic look for the exterior of their swimming pool cabana designs, while not breaking the bank. It’s a versatile product with a variety of surface treatments available from natural oils and stains to paint. Wood is a favourite of contractors too because it is easy to work with and install, requiring only basic hand tools and saws. The material…


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