The township of King is a blossoming community in the York Region north of Toro nto, within the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada. It might not be the biggest community in the GTA, but it definitely has a lot of character! One of the most signature elements of King are the scenic rolling hills of Oak Ridges Moraine. The area is also known for The Holland Marsh, sometimes referred to as Ontario’s "vegetable basket."

King was originally formed as a subdivision of York County, which was in itself a subdivision of the Home District. The region was acquired by the British as a part of the Toronto Purchase– an agreement made with the Mississaugas in 1787. Back in King Township’s early days, the area’s population was a mere twenty residents, but just ten year’s later the population had multiplied by seven to over 160. By 1842, the population included almost 3,000 residents of Irish, English, Scottish, Canadian, and American decent.

Today, approximately 20,000 residents call King Township home. The median age of King’s residents hovers around 40-years-old, rendering the community as a very family-centric community

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If you’re looking to install a new pool in your home, you can count on Solda’s award-winning in-house team to work directly with you to bring your vision into reality.

The beauty of working with Solda is that our landscape designers and horticulturalists will work directly with you to build a pool, spa, or landscape that matches your vision. We know that no two customers’ needs are exactly the same, and we’re willing to go to all ends to meet your individual needs.

In addition to helping with the design and installation process, our team of in-house experts can also be relied on to help with regular maintenance like leak detection, liner repairs, equipment replacement, and more.

When it comes to anything and everything pool related, let Solda be your go-to crew! We’ll handle design and installation, then schedule services on a weekly or monthly basis to eliminate the worry so you can get back to the fun part of owning a pool. For more information about pool ownership in King, contact us today!


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