Swimming Pool Builders Contractors Etobicoke

Established in 1984, Solda Pools Ltd. was founded to provide excellent services with a hands-on business approach, superior quality, and perfect execution of all gas, electrical, and carpentry work. Well situated to offer the residents of Etobicoke our extensive pool services, Solda Pools is committed to the highest standards of excellence!

First populated by members of the First Nations, Etobicoke is a former municipality within the boundary of western Toronto. It was settled by the Europeans in the 1790s and slowly grew into a city over the next 200 years by absorbing nearby towns and independent villages.

With immigrants from all over the world, Etobicoke is now home to a diverse population of over 347 000 people. 

Primarily suburban, the city has a much lower population density than downtown Toronto, the lowest of all the former cities and boroughs that now make up the megacity. This low density is mainly due to the large highways which pass through the area as well as the expanses of industrial land along them.

Connected to the rest of Toronto by the Bloor-Danforth subway, Etobicoke also has access to the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW), the Gardiner Expressway, and Ontario Highways 401, 409, and 427.

The area is divided into three large sections which correspond vaguely with the three political ridings. Rexdale, to the north, is predominantly 19-century communities, while central Etobicoke features even older houses. The Lakeshore is the most affluent area of Etobicoke and is located along the north shore of Lake Ontario.

With the best pool services in the Greater Toronto Area, Solda Pools is your number one choice for cleaning, maintenance, repair, and replacement of all pool surfaces and parts.

Services are available on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule with regular maintenance visits included. Let our professionals take the worry and time-investment out of pool ownership so you can get back to the things that matter!


  • Pool Openings/Closings
  • Leak Detection
  • Replacement Liners
  • Concrete Pool & Spa Maintenance
  • Resealing Patterned Concrete
  • Equipment Addition or Replacement
  • Cover Replacement
  • Pool Maintenance


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