Swimming Pool Builders Contractors Hamilton

Solda Pools has over 30 years of experience working with homeowners to deliver exceptional services to customers in pool installation and maintenance!

We have won numerous industrial and consumer awards since 1985. Our customers have every reason to have confidence in the work we provide.

Our business has grown in size as the number of clients we service increased over the years, but we always keep in mind what made our business great in the first place. Solda Pools has maintained our superior quality because the family members who started the business still play key roles in each contract, ensuring quality control and customer satisfaction.

Our company has grown to employ over 70 people, which is enough to meet the needs of our customers without needing to subcontract to others.

Despite its location, Hamilton is a city with one of the most moderate climates in Canada. With the appealing weather, inhabitants of Hamilton have more opportunities to enjoy time outside, whether that’s on Bruce Trail, or in their own backyards.

Warmer seasons makes for a longer season for swimming in the pool. For this reason, people from Hamilton often have pools in their backyards, to use for pool parties, barbecue cookouts, or simply teaching family members how to swim.

We offer a wide range of installations for our clients, including residential and commercial uses for pools.

On the higher end, we install gunite concrete pools for the ultimate luxury. Our retractable covers prevent leaves and other debris from falling into the pool when it’s not in use, leading to less cleaning for the pool owner.

If you want further additions to add to your pool experience, we recommend the fire and water theme which incorporates open flames and falling water into the decor. Add a spa for that relaxing and intimate option alongside your pool to give your guests a choice in how they want to enjoy their time.

We also sell vinyl pools which are highly durable and great for new families. For commercial properties, we offer indoor installations as well.

Our customized design and construction process allows us to tailor specific looks to suit your facility, whether you’re in the hospitality, spa, or apartment rental business.

For those who really enjoy their property, we build custom outdoor living structures, which can be a simple cover to protect you from the rain or keep you cool in the shade. Our designs can be as complex and involved, including fireplaces, bars, and other fixtures to maximize your experience outdoors. Other features we provide include:

  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Plantings
  • Decorative rocks
  • Grottos

We take care of your needs, we are prepared to meet them. Contact us to learn more about your options, or come in to see how our 3D-rendering program works, and make your dream pool come true today!


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