Swimming Pool Builders Contractors Pickering

Pickering is a growing city that is home to many young professionals who are looking to provide the best they can for their family. Solda Pools Ltd. has been working for customers in Pickering and surrounding areas for decades, providing award-winning services over the years. We provide a turnkey approach to installation where we take care of every essential aspect to pool building from design to electrical to gas and plumbing.

Pickering is home to many hard-working individuals largely from the Durham region municipalities, and we can relate! Our company was founded by a few family members who have expanded their business by rolling up their sleeves and working their way up. To this day, our founding members are still heavily involved in overseeing the company.

In fact, we don’t outsource any of our work — all of our construction and installation is done in-house where we can control quality and project specifications. Having a safe pool for your family to swim in is an important consideration, which is why we take our jobs seriously from start to finish. We have over 70 employees, each specializing in their trade to make the best pool possible.

Pickering Homeowners Swimming in the Privacy of their own Home

Pickering has access to public parks, the Nautical Bay, along with other marinas, and you too can swim outdoors in the safety of your own home. When the weather is perfect, taking a swim indoors at the local community centre isn’t quite as fun, and there always seem to be other people taking up the lanes. The solution? Finally getting the privacy and convenience of your own pool.

We provide on-going maintenance services to make sure that your pool is running smoothly and ready for use. Our pool maintenance is thorough and consistent, so you can rely on us throughout the season of use and beyond.

At Solda Pools, we understand how important it is to provide high quality service in order to develop a solid reputation among our clients and within the community. As a result of our commitment, we have industry awards for our pools and service awards for our customer service.

Pickering’s population is growing, and so is its commerce. New facilities are being built (like our upcoming airport), moving our city towards being a world class city. In anticipation of the changes, invest in your home today, and choose Solda Pools for all your pool and pool accessory needs.



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