Unique Swimming Pools – Design & Installation, North York

Established in 1984, Solda Pools Ltd. was founded to provide excellent services with a hands-on business approach, superior quality, and perfect execution of aquatic additions to homes. We’re talking, of course, about pools!

Well situated to offer the residents of North York our extensive pool services, Solda Pools is committed to the highest standards of excellence! We guarantee that our past clients and customers will agree.

The rich history of North York dates back to 1922, when it was was formed out of the rural part of the Township of York. The area grew faster than anybody could have anticipated, and became the Borough of North York in 1967, and later, the City of North York on Valentine’s Day in 1979. Due to the special date on which North York received its city charter, North York’s slogan is “The City with Heart.”

Today, North York is without a doubt one of the most culturally diverse communities in the world. With less than 50% of the population being born in Canada, it’s truly a mosaic of different creeds and cultures from all over the world.

Once a suburban oasis in the Greater Toronto Area, the city of North York is currently experiencing a major urban growth spurt with seemingly dozens of stores, office spaces, and condominiums being built every month. A number of major Canadian corporations including Nestle, Equifax, and Proctor & Gamble base their operations in North York, leading the community to resemble Toronto’s downtown core more than a suburb. This translates to a huge influx of young professionals and families calling North York home.

As more and more people flock to this growing urban community, Solda Pools remains committed to providing North York with best-in-class services for cleaning, maintenance, repair, and replacement of all pool services and parts.

Whether you’re a new resident of North York or if you’ve called the city home for most of your life, Solda Pools is thrilled to be your go-to solution for everything pool related, from installation to repairs and maintenance.

Installing a pool or spa system is a big investment, and it’s one you want to make with someone you trust. From the beginning of “pool season” in early spring to closing time in fall, we’re always committed to maintaining our outstanding history of great customer service.

Contact our team of professionals today to get started with the most reliable pool maintenance team that North York has to offer!


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