3 Ways To Upgrade Your Pool Landscape Lighting

In terms of backyard appeal, few features complement outdoor landscaping better than premium pool lighting. Installing an in-ground pool alone is a worthwhile investment, one that can definitely make your home stand apart from the rest of the properties in the neighborhood.

Upgrade Pool Landscape

When equipped with elegant illumination, however, you can rest assured knowing your personal aquatic escape will be the talk of the town, not to mention the ideal place to relax and unwind at the end of a long day!

Endless Options, Endless Fun

The best part about pool landscape lighting is the myriad of available options; with dozens of types, sizes, and colors, your custom selection is guaranteed to be unique and one-of-a-kind. You can perform the work solo or hire a professional landscaper to craft the perfect outdoor theme, and do so on a modest budget without breaking the bank.

While there is no right or wrong way to outfit your outdoor pool, most experts agree it is best to follow a few basic rules. Before you delve into exploring the possibilities, pay attention to these lighting upgrade tips.

A Quick Guide to Lighting up Your Outdoor Oasis

  • Don’t skimp on the lights – many homeowners make the mistake of under-illuminating their pools, often because they are not sure how many fixtures they need to achieve the look they desire. The vast majority of landscaping companies install a solo light in the pool’s deep end, and this is primarily for safety purposes as opposed to aesthetics. Different lighting colors can certainly create a positive ambiance, but opting for two or more fixture is recommended for full effect.
  • Steer clear of the seats – not only will your guests thank you for positioning the pool lights away from their eyes, but installing underwater fixtures away from your patio’s designated seating area will make for a more comfortable atmosphere. Invest in LED lighting if possible, as these models emit a softer glow.
  • Splurge while you can – If you have made the decision to install new pool lights, do not make the mistake of skimping on quality. It is more expensive to replace ineffective fixtures than it is to purchase superior upgrades initially.


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