The Best Fire Features To Use For Your Pool

Best Fire Features To Use For Your Pool

One of the hottest trends in pool design right now is the use of fire features to add warmth and excitement to the outdoor area. The fire provides a striking contrast to the water and really adds an inviting tropical feel, making you and your family feel like you are at a resort. If you are installing a pool and are looking to add some originality, or you want to inject some flair into your existing backyard setup, below are some of the best fire features on the market.

Fire and Water Bowls

During the day, the gently flickering flames (if you choose to turn them on) and the lightly flowing water provide tranquil sights and sounds to your backyard pool, encouraging rest and relaxation. At night, the fire creates a comforting glow for those late night swims or poolside parties.

Fire Pits

Automated stone fire pits are all the rage right now and for good reason. They are a great way to offset luxurious resort-style backyard pools and landscape architecture. The bright flames from the fire create a spectacular site that transports you out of your neighbourhood and onto the pool decks of tropical, all inclusive resorts. These fire pits are also useful when the weather is cooler and you and your family want somewhere to gather around outside and keep warm.

Volcano Fire Pits and Tiki Torches

If you have ever been to Hawaii, you will instantly recognize what we are talking about here. Tiki torches are fairly self explanatory, but the volcano fire pit is something that is fairly new to the outdoor pool market. They provide an element of excitement and adventure to your outdoor pool area that almost perfectly replicates a tropical vacation getaway.

Outdoor Fireplace

Without a pool to accent it, an outdoor fireplace is stunning, but alongside a gorgeous water feature like a swimming pool, the combination of elements (fire and water) creates a feeling of primal tranquility that resonates with all human beings. Whether you have it on to add some romance to a swim, or simply as a place to sit around and sip hot chocolate at night, an outdoor fireplace next to a swimming pool is hard to beat in terms of ambience.

The combination of fire and water strikes a primal chord in human beings and for good reason, we need both to survive. A fire feature can create a relaxed and tranquil ambience when coupled with a pool. Keep the above fire features in mind and create a pool experience that you, your family and your guests will find unforgettable.


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