How a Swimming Pool Can Increase Your Home's Value

There’s nothing like jumping into your own private swimming pool on a hot summer day. No need to pack up the towels, sunscreen and goggles so you can drive down to the community centre. You can simply step out onto your backyard and take a quick splash whenever your heart pleases.


Swimming pools are a luxurious amenity. A pool that is well-maintained and fits with your landscaping can also be an attractive draw when selling your home. If you’d like to install your own private pool but aren’t sure whether it’s a good idea, read on to see how a swimming pool can instantly add value to your home.

Unique Amenity

If you live in an area where homes don’t generally have a pool, yours could be marketed as a unique amenity. People are constantly looking for properties that have special qualities and features. A swimming pool will attract buyers who want their homes to stand out from the rest. If this type of amenity is rare in your neighbourhood, take pride in knowing you’ve got something exceptional.

Homes with swimming pools typically command a higher sale price. Despite the costs that go into pool maintenance over the years, you’ll certainly make that money back when it’s time to sell.

Great for Families

A home with a swimming pool can be marketed as a fabulous family property, increasing its value. This is particularly true if the pool does not fill up your entire yard. Having lots of usable space is key to showing that the yard still has flexibility. If there’s room for a sitting area, patio or a garden, you’ve got yourself a private paradise.

This makes your home perfect for growing families but also for older homebuyers who may have grandchildren too. In today’s age of iPhones, tablets, and other gadgets, one-on-one time is something to be treasured. A home that provides the right atmosphere for family-friendly entertainment will certainly be in high demand.

Fitness Component

Sure, a home gym in the basement sounds practical. But when it comes to fitness, nothing beats a swimming pool. Increase the value of your home with an amenity that contributes to one’s health and well-being. A property that offers a fitness component is attractive to a large demographic of buyers. From middle-aged parents who want to keep their kids active to seniors who love swimming’s therapeutic benefits, a pool has the ability to transform everyone’s health. Very few homes are designed with this component in mind. So the fact that your property features this aspect will increase its overall worth.

Stress Relief

For those debating whether a pool is a good investment, they should remember that being around a pool is one of the best ways to relieve stress. You can transform your backyard into a tranquil oasis with a well-designed pool that features a rock garden, or even a small water feature. You can enhance the experience with an accompanying outdoor fireplace and some seating areas around the pool’s edge. Not only will you be able to enjoy this atmosphere, but it will also make for great marketing photos when it’s time to sell.

Relief from the Heat

Swimming pools are seen as a necessity in areas with warmer climates like California or Hawaii. But this upscale amenity is becoming more and more popular in places like Ontario. The summer months can get uncomfortably hot with temperatures soaring to 35 degrees Celsius. Potential homebuyers will be especially keen to own a property with a private pool, just so their family has a place to cool off. This can certainly enhance one’s quality of life and provide hours of enjoyment during the warmer seasons.

Tips to Consider When Investing in a Pool

If you’re thinking about installing a swimming pool to maximize your home’s value, be sure to do it right the first time around. Avoid purchasing an above-ground pool as this can be an eyesore in your backyard and will not add value to your property. An inground pool is the best way to enhance the quality of your home. Here are some tips to consider when working with a pool contractor to design your pool:

  • Browse a series of photo galleries for inspiration beforehand
  • Ensure the pool integrates well with your landscaping and doesn’t compete with it
  • Your lot should be big enough to still have space left over for play or gardening
  • Work with a trusted pool maintenance company after installation; only a well-kept pool will increase your home’s value

Whether you’re looking for an elegant oval-shaped pool or a Lazy-L design, work with a team of qualified professionals who can bring your vision to life.

For more information on how a pool can add value to your home, call Solda Pools at 905-796-6500 or contact us here.


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