5 Tips For The Ultimate Custom Pool

It’s easy to be envious of people with pools in their backyards during the hot summer months. If you’ve ever had or known anyone with a swimming pool, they are an enormous comfort, not to mention great exercise and a stunning aesthetic addition to a yard.

Custom Pool

The traditional cookie cutter pool, however, is becoming a thing of the past as custom designs allow owners to create and design some very interesting and eye-catching swimming pools. If you are thinking about designing something, below are 5 tips for the ultimate custom pool.

Minimalist features.

Modern pools on T.V. And in the movies achieve their sleekness by implementing very minimal features. Grottos, tiki torches and water slides, although fun, do not scream chic. Many of the most elegant pools have little more than a few well chosen pieces of furniture around them and some enticing lighting.

Understated lighting.

A modern pool should employ that classic, subtle pool lighting while still being bright enough to facilitate activities around the pool. Symmetrical fire pits, floating candles, or even tried and true torch lights work best. Understated does not imply that things need to be especially small. There are many light options that are both big and tasteful.

Simple and modern furniture.

The patio furniture around a pool should be inviting and comfortable. Simplicity is the key. Choose glass tables with umbrellas that have quieter colour patterns. Lounge and wicker chairs with large, comfortable cushions and simple wooden (perhaps even handmade!) furniture will add the elegance you are looking for without seeming like it’s all screaming for attention.

Coordinating deck surface material.

Making sure that the surface material on your deck coordinates with your house and the rest of your yard is very important. Stark contrasts between the pool area and the house can look tacky, but a coherent and discernible pattern or theme looks cohesive and purposeful.

Go with geometric.

Symmetrical lines and shapes are at the heart of modern design. The classic rectangular pool with some elements of modernity inserted in the right places will bring the space around the pool to life and create a stunning and welcoming focal point in your yard.

The best part about modern, custom pool design is that it is all based on elegant simplicity. No enormous structures or gaudy light fixtures are necessary to create your dream custom pool. Follow some of the above tips and start designing and building your own custom pool today.


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