3D Design – The Benefits for Customers and Designers

3D design software has become a facet among many design firms today as it gains popularity in the industry. Programs such as Google Sketch Up have gained popularity because of their ease of use and their uncanny ability to change the way that designers develop conceptual designs. At Solda Pools, we are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to advance our design capabilities. New pool specific 3D design software has allowed us to advance our skills and provide customers with a comprehensive strategy for their custom built pool project. Below I will outline the benefits of 3D design software for both the customer and designer.

Conceptual 3D Rendering

Conceptual 3D Rendering

Benefits for Customers

When having any large scale landscape work done, one of the challenges is reading and understanding a landscape plan. To the untrained eye, blueprints and plans can be puzzling. New 3D software allows the customer to easily comprehend a design by actively walking through it. Materials can be shown and features and materials picked. This removes much of the frustration in the design process. This also prevents the consumer from selecting something that they did not want. When a design is experienced 3 dimensionally as opposed to 2 dimensionally, a customer can actively see the items that they like and others that they do not. This cuts down time in the selection process and also saves construction crews needless arguments and hassles on site with customers. The final benefit to the consumer is the opportunity to experience their project before a shovel is ever put into the ground. A customer feels much more safe spending on a large project when they have a good idea of what the end result will be.


Final Project

Final Project

Benefits for Designers

As for the designer, 3D software can reduce the stresses of designing in three key ways. This software assists in reducing mistakes on site and in concept development by allowing grades and elevations to be actively shown to ensure drainage plans are done correctly. Items such as retaining walls and steps can be shown in 3 dimensional form and, if implemented correctly, can show where it will be necessary to place such items. The second area that this software can assist designers is in conveying concepts to customers. As stated before, it is not always apparent to a customer, what a wall is and what a step is in a 2 dimensional plan. This can be frustrating for a customer and can lead to arguments down the road. From a designer perspective, it is extremely important that a customer understands your proposal. This software allows for concept understanding and reduces a customer’s unease. Thirdly, a designer can use 3D design programs to try new things and test new boundaries. Being able to see if an idea will work or be aesthetically pleasing is very beneficial and helps a designer to grow and evolve as a professional.

For more 3D designs by the design professionals at Solda Pools please take a look at our design page.

Dan Thurtell, BLA – Solda Pools Design Professional



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