Pool Permits: Do You Need One?

Yes you need a pool permit for your in-ground swimming pool project.

I am asked on a regular basis if a permit to build a swimming pool is required and the short answer is yes. Although residential swimming pool construction is not regulated through the Ontario building code and does not require a building permit, every municipality in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) does have a pool permit or swimming pool approval process of one kind or another.

Pool Installation

During the process of selecting a pool contractor or swimming pool installer it is important to contact your local municipality and familiarize yourself with the process for your area. Most municipalities have similar codes for the type of fencing required to safely and securely enclose the pool. The fence enclosure must meet the local requirements prior to filling the pool with water. If your swimming pool contractor installs fencing, they should be familiar with the requirements, If you choose a sub contractor be sure they are familiar with the requirements for pool permits in your area.

Your pool contractor should be familiar with the permit requirements and process for your municipality. A quality contractor should be able to secure the require approvals on your behalf or guide you through the process. First, you need a site plan or concept design plan of what the overall scope of work will be (see my blog on backyard design and our design section). Take your site plan to your local municipal building and the information desk can direct you to the department that handles pool permits and approvals. Despite the common misconception that public sector employees are out to make your life difficult, I have found in my ten plus years of applying for pool permits that the opposite is true and the local staff are a wealth of knowledge and very helpful and patient. The local staff will review the site plan and inform you of any required changes to your design plan. Typically, an application can be made on your first visit and in a short time you should have a pool permit to begin construction of your in-ground swimming pool project.

For your convenience, here is a list of links to some of our local Greater Toronto Area municipalities and their pool permit or approval process information.

 Bryan Wing – Solda Pools Design Professional

With over ten years as designer and permit co-ordinator at Solda Pools, I have coordinated and applied for over 1000 approvals for in-ground swimming pool projects in the Greater Toronto and surrounding area.





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