Simple and Tasteful Landscape Lighting

The difference between a good backyard and a great one is how the space functions in the darkness. Having an outdoor oasis during the day is spectacular and welcoming for guests but how will you keep the good times going in the dark of night? Landscape lighting can add so much to an outdoor living space and having the appropriate amount of light is key to creating an inviting backyard.

Too Much Darkness

We have all witnessed a house in complete darkness that looks deserted and cold. Not only does a house with no light or landscape lighting look hollow, it is also an inviting site to thieves who prey on empty houses. Adding light around a house not only can highlight the correct features of a home and landscape, it can deter criminals from targeting a house as well.

Too Much Light

On the other hand, I’m sure most of us have also seen a house that has also been over lit, doused in light, blinding neighbours as they come and go. This type of light can highlight the wrong features of your home and property and make the night feel more like day. The purpose of night lighting is to highlight specific features, not drown out the darkness completely. Allowing some darkness to remain adds the mystery in a yard and draws attention to only specifically highlighted features such as a specimen tree or ornamental fountain for example.

Night Lighting

Night lighting options around a Solda Pool

Having a light balance in your yard is key to creating a backyard space that can be enjoyed at all times of the day and make full use of the landscape features that you have incorporated. If installing a custom in-ground pool or spa with Solda Pools, allow our talented design staff show you the potential that your yard has to sparkle at all times of the day or night.

Dan Thurtell, BLA – Solda Pools Professional Designer


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