Swimming Pool Cabana Design

Week 1:Swimming Pool Cabana Design

Wood Siding

Wood siding is a very popular option for home owners looking for the natural, organic look for the exterior of their swimming pool cabana designs, while not breaking the bank. It’s a versatile product with a variety of surface treatments available from natural oils and stains to paint. Wood is a favourite of contractors too because it is easy to work with and install, requiring only basic hand tools and saws. The material is also very forgiving as most blemishes or stains can be sanded out.

Swimming Pool Cabana design option

Photo 2 Custom board and batten cedar cabana. Photo courtesy SoldaPools.com

Unfortunately there are some negatives to selecting wood siding for your pool cabana project. Wood will fade and darken over time from exposure to UV rays from the sun. This effect can be minimized by protecting the wood surface by applying a UV protective coating (stain, oil etc.) after installation and once every few years. Wood is also susceptible to movement as it dries such as cupping, bowing and warping meaning that some of the material is not usable.In Ontario, wood siding can be made of cedar, spruce or pine but cedar is the species of choice because of its natural resistance to decay and rot. Wood siding is also available in a variety of styles such as: tongue and groove, rabbeted bevel, cove bevel, clapboard, channel, v-joint and board and batten. Siding can also come pre-finished for a great looking cabana without the hassle of painting from manufacturers like Maibec, Cape Cod and Fraser.

Wood siding is a beautiful, relatively inexpensive and easy to install siding option for your swimming pool cabana design.

Stay tuned for our next review. Week 2: Swimming Pool Cabana Design : Cement Board Siding

Swimming Pool Cabana design with cedar

The following is a cedar cabana located next to a swimming pool.


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