Three Stages in Designing a Backyard Living Space

It’s a common statement “I want my cottage to be in my backyard” and with that statement the design process starts. Most homeowners start the in-ground swimming pool and backyard design process before they know it; it actually started the first time they looked at a picture or other outdoor space and imagined it being in their yard.

First comes the “wish” stage; as the idea of creating an outdoor living space takes hold, you start to put together the wish list. The list should start with the bigger items such as an in-ground swimming pool (construction type such as vinyl lined or gunite concrete can be determined later) a spa or hot tub to extend the bathing season as well as the other amenity areas such as a dinning space, cooking area perhaps a structure for storage and the popular fire pit.

Second comes the “pen to paper stage“; at this point you need professional help.  You need a design professional to assist getting your ideas into a functional design that works with your space. If you choose a Landscape Architect or designer, be sure they are familiar with in-ground pool construction;  The pool or spa will become one of, if not the major design component of the space. The benefit of having a professional design for your space is that you can explore the different options such as pool shapes and ensure the major items from your wish list are incorporated.  At Solda Pools, we have our own in house backyard landscape design team. We are the designers and the swimming pool contractors and we have extensive experience designing these types of projects. If you have a designer, you should be sure that the pool contractor and designer work together to avoid any issues after the project has begun.

The third and final stage is contractor selection.  Now that you have a plan, Be sure to do some research. Find pool contractors & installers that work in your area and be sure to read the reviews. Ask your neighbours, co-workers, friends and family if they have a pool and can recommend any pool contractors. Be sure to get a few quotes for comparison and make sure that the contractors are disclosing ALL costs. Remember; pool and backyard projects need more than just someone to dig a hole and fill it with water. Here are a few of the most common items required:

  • Permits and approvals for both the pool and fencing as well as electrical work.
  • Certified electrician for the pool pump and other amenity areas from the wish list.
  • Certified natural gas work for your pool heater, BBQ, fire pit and fire features.
  •  Stone work for a custom barbeque cook-out, fireplace, retaining walls, patio and steps.
  • Carpenters for a cabana, pavilion, pergola or deck.
  • Landscape restoration, plant material both new and replaced along with night lighting accents.
  • After care service such as opening and closing or the pool as well as both planned and unplanned servicing of the equipment.

Ensure the contractor can provide all the services required to complete the space and provide after care service. Or find a contractor like here at Solda Pools that can provide you with everything you need for your backyard living space as part of our turnkey approach.


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