`20 Backyard DIY Projects For The Best Outdoor Living This Summer

As you look forward to spending more time in your backyard, patio, or front porch during the warmer months, there are a few ways you can make these outdoor spaces more useful, appealing, and relaxing without breaking the bank.

20 Ideas To Improve Your Backyard This Summer

Here are a few fun and inexpensive DIY projects to spruce up your outdoor living space this summer:

  1. Build A Pallet Wood Sofa
    If you have access to several wood pallets and pillows, you can build a cosy sofa and place it in a shaded area for you to relax as you sip your morning tea, read a book during the day, or enjoy a cocktail at the end of the day.

    Source: Funky Junk Interiors
  2. Build A Pallet Flower Display
    This arrangement of potted plants is a great way to brighten up a dull corner in your backyard. Flowers are great for summer, but you can replace them with pinecones or pumpkins during the fall.

    Source: Home with Kelsey
  3. Put Up Cupcake Lights
    For your outdoor lighting, consider running a string of lights and then covering them with different colours and designs of cupcake liners.

    Source: Cfabbridesigns
  4. A Safer And More Attractive Trampoline
    Consider covering the springs of your trampoline with sliced up pool noodles for both colour and enhanced safety.

    Source: Dandolimones
  5. Create A Garden Graffiti Wall
    Get a wall trellis kit. Use the silicone glue to attach multiple anchors to any surface – exterior wall or window. Then run the wire through the anchors to create a frame. Lastly support your plants on the trellis using vinyl tape.

    Source: Leevalley
  6. Create an impromptu shade
    Attach an Ikea curtain system between the side of your house and an adjacent tree or pole. Side the curtains when you need some shade.

    Source: Pinterest
  7. Create A Bird Feeder
    Consider repurposing an old chandelier to create a bird feeder

    Source: Craftster
  8. Light Up A Footpath
    Find some glow-in-the-dark paint and use it on some pebbles to light up a path at night

    Source: Bookofjoe
  9. Fill in concrete cracks
    Use self-levelling caulk to fill central joints (sawcuts) in the walkways, steps, foundation, and other concrete surfaces to keep weeds from growing

    Source: TheFamilyHandyman
  10. Tall Grass In Galvanised Tubs
    A great idea for extra privacy, creating partitions, or keeping mosquitoes away with lemongrass.

    Source: Davesgarden
  11. Leak-proof water blob
    A great alternative for swimming pools to help keep your kids cool and entertained in the summer heat

    Source: Homemadetoast
  12. Create A Herb Garden
    Get some stair risers and window boxes to create your vertical herb garden.

    Source: Whitewatercrafting
  13. Simple Rope Swing
    A simple way to keep your kids entertained for hours with just a rope and circular plank of wood or tire

    Source: Hometalk
  14. Hang Solar Lights And Plants On Basket Hooks
    Solar lights are incredibly cheap light fixtures that also add beauty to your backyard. The basket hooks are pretty stable, and can also be used to hang flowers if you have limited garden space.

    Source: Running-w-scissors
  15. Repurpose An Old Rake To Hang Garden Tools

    Source: Artstuff.typepad
  16. Build A Backyard Fire Pit/Cooking Grill
    Can be the centrepiece of your backyard to sit around and roast marshmallows for wonderfully relaxing evenings. Always check your local municipality for open fire regulation.

    Source: Instructables
  17. Make Chair Planters
    Repurpose old wooden chairs into beautiful planters. Paint them and place them on your deck, patio, flower bed, or under a tree.

    Source: Wonderwomancreations
  18. Pvc Towel Rack
    A simple construction to place your swimming pool gear

    Source: Etsy
  19. Use Bricks To Edge Your Garden
    There are many ways to edge your garden. This will prevent pebbles and mulch from getting into your lawn, and allow you to mow right to the edge.

    Source: Gardeenworld
  20. Fence table
    An accessible surface above the ground to set drinks or food.

    Source: Sensiblysara
    For more ideas to make your outdoor living space more entertaining this summer, simply find old items in your home that you can repurpose and get creative.


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