How Hot Tubs Can Help Reduce Stress

Spas and hot tubs are known to provide a number of therapeutic benefits; from physical and emotional stress relief to relief from arthritis and muscle pain, a soak in your hot tub can give and keep your health on the right track.

Reducing Stress With Hot Tubs

How stress affects you

Stress is a normal part of life resulting from any thought or situation that produces feelings of anxiety, anger, or frustration. Whether you are impatient because of getting stuck in traffic, or feel nervous about delivering a speech in public, you usually recognise the unpleasant symptoms of stress.

Although stress can be helpful, like when it pushes you to meet deadlines or change frustrating situations in your life, it can take a toll if experienced on a daily basis by causing headaches, muscle tension, irritability, and other pains. In severe cases, long-term stress increases the risk of insomnia, eating disorders, depression, heart problems, circulatory issues, and diabetes, leading to other complications.

Stress relief from hot tubs

For centuries, people have used warm water therapies to promote healing and relaxation. Today, modern science supports that effective hydrotherapy can initiate positive physical and mental changes.

Research shows that immersing yourself in warm water at around 102 degrees F can put your body into a deep state of relaxation. According to Dr. Bruce Becker, a physician and research professor at Washington State University, the sympathetic nervous system (increases during stressful situations) and the parasympathetic nervous system (helps to calm your body) cancel each other out when you soak in warm water.

Becker found that all subjects who soaked in warm water exhibited lower stress levels. The nervous system responds to warm water in a similar way to the way it reacts to meditation and other relaxed states.

In another study by E. J. Sung and Y. Tochibara analysing how immersing the body in warm water improves sleep, the researchers concluded that the sleep improvement was attributed to the water’s buoyancy, just like the weightlessness of the body in a hot tub helps to relieve physical stress. According to the study, the water supports about 90 percent of your body weight, which relieves stress from joints and muscles, and makes you feel weightless.

Final note

Soaking in warm water 90 minutes before going to bed, like in a hot tub, will help raise your core body temperature. Doing this for about 15 minutes is scientifically proven to induce restful sleep; counter the effects of stress; improve blood circulation, lessening muscle and joint pain such as that associated with arthritis; and improve your overall health.


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