What’s the Right Age to Learn to Swim?

We know that spending time in the water with family and friends is a great activity for children in the summertime, but one issue that many parents struggle with is deciding when is the right time to introduce their children to the joys of swimming. The water poses an exceptional danger for young children, as shown by a recent study which highlighted that between 1999 and 2010 nearly 14,000 Americans drowned, with forty percent of those cases involving children from…

Kid Learning Swimming

Swimming Pool Safety Tips for Kids

Visiting a swimming pool during the weekend or on an extended break with family and friends should be a joyful experience for children of all ages, but it takes only a momentary lapse in a parent’s concentration for their child’s safety to be compromised. It’s important to understand the unique safety challenges within a swimming pool and to follow expert tips to ensure your children are safe and free to enjoy a memorable experience in their local or home swimming…

Kids In Swimming Pool

How to Know If Your Pool Needs Resurfacing

A majority of people with yards have the desire for a pool to enjoy during the warm Canadian summers. Having a point of relaxation in their own backyard is a massive asset to any home! What people don’t always realize is that it takes regular maintenance to preserve a pool’s condition, this includes resurfacing. So, what is pool resurfacing and how do you know when to get the pool resurfaced? What Is Pool Resurfacing? Pool resurfacing isn’t a term you…

Resurfacing Your Pool

Do Pools Increase Resale Value?

Having a swimming pool in the backyard is wonderful for families or homeowners who enjoy cooling off in the crystal clear water provided right outside of their door. Pools provide homeowners with a form of entertainment and relaxation, especially when it’s hot outside and air conditioning just doesn’t suffice. But with yearly maintenance, upkeep, and other considerations, are pools an investment that serves as merely an entertainment option, or do they increase the resale value of your home? A Pool’s…

Backyard Pool

Swimming Pool Builders Contractors Thornhill

From the very first day when Frank, Peter, and John Solda founded Solda Pools, they have worked tirelessly to ensure top quality pool design, construction, and service. This tradition of unparalleled dedication continues to this day. Thornhill boasts some of the most diverse and fastest growing communities in Canada. With residents hailing from all corners of the world, it truly is a cosmopolitan and dynamic place to live and work. Whether your family has been in Canada for generations or…

Backyard Pool

Guide to Award Winning Pools: what makes these projects award winners? : Part 1

Part 1: the Bronze Award Winners At Solda Pools, we are a GTA Toronto pool builder who not only build to exceed our clients expectations but also are proud of the projects we complete. Every year Solda Pools enters the National Pool and Spa Awards run by the Pool and Hot Tub Council of Canada. In 2013, Solda Pools won 14 National Awards in a wide variety of categories. In this blog series we will examine all of the projects…

Solda Pools- Toronto Pool Builder - vinyl pool

David, Mississauga, 2013

        Your company is exceptionally professional and will be strongly recommended. Frank is amazing….he does what he says….. And this is priceless……thanks again for being so reliable and professional. Thanks

O.I, Mississauga, 2013

I’m just letting you know that your guys are truly a great company and worth every penny (cause you’re not cheap and now I know why). From the 1st meeting with Frank I felt I was in good hands with Solda and with every obstacle you guys proved you guys are the best period!! The courtesy you provided my neighbours was legendary and your guys rose to every occasion. Christian and Sherville’s crew went above and beyond to deal with…

John and Sandra, Etobicoke, 2013

From the time we first met with Solda until the project was completed, Solda was professional and true to their word on everything. They offer the highest quality construction and design concepts, with attention to every little detail. Solda has great follow up and timely service so everything is always working perfectly. Our pool is low maintenance and we enjoy it year-round, regardless of the weather. We would not hesitate to recommend Solda Pools for any project.

Michelle and Raj, North York, 2013

We had the pleasure of working with Solda Pools to create our backyard oasis. From the initial meeting with Frank Solda we knew we were dealing with the most knowledgeable professionals in the business. Frank took the time to carefully go through all of our options and help us design the backyard of our dreams. We worked closely with Andrew Solda who always took the time to respond to all of our questions and concerns in a very prompt manner.…


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