Solda Service: What To Do If My Pool Turns Green?

Solda Pools Service Tips: What to do with a Green Pool? You come home from a 4 day long weekend. Your once crystal blue pool is now green with algae…what do you do!?!? Green Pool – Solda Pools – Toronto Pool Builder (courtesy *note: should you notice the colour of your pool being near ‘mustard’ or ‘black’ please call your service professionals at Solda Pools for assistance. This article is meant for information purposes only…

Solda Pools- Toronto Pool Builder -

Stephen Kelly, Hillsburg, 2013

To whom it may concern.   My name is Stephen Kelly. I am the current President and owner of Stephen Kelly & Associates Inc.  a  large technology consulting company in the GTA. My wife & I were looking to install a nice in ground  pool,  in ground spa hot tub and build out a couple of cabana’s along with cement stamped colored  concrete deck and patio in the backyard  in our new home. We are both very detailed oriented and spent…

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