Vinyl Liner Pools VS Fiberglass Pools

A home isn’t really a dream home without a perfect backyard pool for you to relax by and for your kids to spend summer days playing around in. Nothing can compare to the luxury of being able to lounge around a pool on your own property for the weekend. The question here isn’t whether or not to get a pool, but instead is what kind of pool do you get? Vinyl liner pools are a consistent popular choice, but how…

Vinyl Liner Pool

Steps to Installing Deep End Pools

After the winter we’ve had, we need a light at the end of this cold tunnel to look forward to. Summertime is that light, and there’s no better way to celebrate than by enhancing your home with a pool. Treating yourself to spectacular memories to help you make your way through the next winter season is ideal, but pool instillation isn’t an easy task. Any pool expert will tell you that step one to a successful install is simple: Contact…

Deep End Pool

Thank You

Deep End Pool

1994, Brian and Judy, Aurora

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent job your company performed last summer with the installation of our pool. We were very impressed with the complete and professional service our company provided from the initial design stages, right through until the final tree was planted. You developed out backyard into a very functional and attractive pool and garden area. The creative and the unique ideas that you adapted into our plan addressed all of our needs and made out…

1994, Deborah Ann

As your busy season starts to ease, I felt this was the most appropriate time to inspire planning to install a pool next year to “DO IT NOW”. Our fall installation was stress- free, the ground was solid, workmanship uninterrupted and your mastery at creating and delivering on schedule a pleasure to behold. We saw a backyard full of dull grass transformed into a resort within a two week period. We have enjoyed the whole summer since opening the pool on the May long…

M.F, 1993

I’ve been remiss in not writing sooner, but it’s probably because we’ve been enjoying our pool so much! I want to thank you, Peter and your team for an absolutely outstanding piece of work. We have been very impressed with your company’s performance, both before and after completion. The pool, spa and waterfall have been admired by ourselves and many guests throughout the summer. We were particularly with your company’s ability to deliver on time and as promised! Please feel free to use us as…

Lisa, Brampton 1992

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent job you did planning and installing our pool. From start to finish everything was done professionally. Being first time pool owners, we know we made the right decision in choosing your company. Everything went on schedule and within our budget as promised. After speaking to Frank we decided to have a spa put on the pool as well. We are so happy we did. We use it all the time.…

Terra Cotta, 1992

The time to put in a pool had finally come. We had no trouble picking a company to do it. Solda Pools had been highly recommended by friends. Frank Solda set up a meeting to get things going. He was very helpful in laying out a plan for our pool as was the pool architect. Two weeks later, our pool was started. The workers at Solda work hard all day. They were very impressive. They even worked on Saturday just for our convenience.…


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