4 Ways To Upgrade Your Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is not only the height of luxury, but a practical way of keeping your indoor kitchen space clean during the warmer months.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Kitchen

Grilling food offers you an opportunity to entertain guests and create delicious meals, but this is not the most practical cooking method if you have to keep running inside for supplies, dishes and utensils. An updated outdoor kitchen makes meal preparation a snap so you and your guests will have more time to enjoy the patio.

Here are some ideas for how you can update your cooking space outdoors to make it even more accessible and enjoyable:

  1. Warm it up
  2. Not only will a fireplace heat up your outdoor kitchen space, but it will also give it a touch of elegance. There is something about an outdoor fire that brings comfort and ambience – so if your outdoor kitchen doesn’t have a fireplace area, this should be your newest addition. There are many styles and sizes to choose from. A fireplace will also extend the time you can spend outdoors working and relaxing in your kitchen because of the heat it creates.

  3. Starry, starry light
  4. Starlight isn’t enough to light up your outdoor kitchen area at night. You don’t have to install lights like those at a baseball diamond, but a few strategically placed soft lights will not only prevent accidents because your guests can’t see, but will provide the area with a romantic glow. If your kitchen space is without electricity, solar powered lights are a great option. If you do have power, consider LED lighting which will be more gentle on your pocketbook by using much less energy than conventional lighting.

  5. The tranquility of water
  6. There is nothing more relaxing in any space than the sound of water. With ambient lighting and a warm fireplace, the sound of gently flowing water will give you a peaceful, zentastic outdoor kitchen area. Rock fountains have become increasingly popular option for many homeowners. These fountains relatively easy to install and don’t need much upkeep. However, there are many fountain styles to suit a myriad tastes.

  7. A boost to the prep area
  8. A good guide for an outdoor kitchen is at least 12 inches of space on both sides of the cooking area. Increasing that space will make it easier to prepare meals for the grill. The most popular counter materials for an outdoor kitchen are natural stone, ceramic tile and concrete. It’s important to note that concrete has to be sealed each season since it can scorch easier than other materials.

If you’re looking to make your outdoor living space relaxing, easy to use and a popular spot for entertaining guests, upgrade your outdoor kitchen with the above four tips.


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