Best Plants To Keep Poolside

A garden adds a green touch to any space, especially if you have a pool in your backyard. The right plants can provide a pop of colour and texture, and create a private poolside oasis. There are certain plants that work better than others for specific purposes, for example, bamboo, palm trees and hedge bushes are great for creating natural fencing and shade. The Canadian climate may make it hard to grow palm trees, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t amazing foliage that you can add to your pool area.

Best Plants To Keep Poolside

These are the best plants to keep poolside:

  • Anything from the succulent family, like Aloe, Yucca and Agave, works well in a poolside garden. An added bonus is that plants like these can serve multiple purposes. For example, Aloe contains healing properties and Agave sap can be used as a sugar alternative.

  • Low profile bushes that can be used as short fencing are great to keep poolside. These bushes include Arizona Rosewood, Indian Mallow and Turpentine Bush.

  • Potted plants also make a great poolside addition. Try flowering types like Lantana, Verbena, Germander, Salvia, Creeping Jenny, Desert Broom and Tufted Evening Primrose.

  • Cacti like Opuntia and Echinocactus will look great poolside but remember that they possess sharp spines and shouldn’t be kept too close to the water’s edge for the safety of your swimmers.

What Plants to Avoid

Deciduous plants (those that lose their leaves at maturity or seasonally) should not be planted around pools. You’ll spend most of your time picking the dropped leaves, cones, spines and petals out of your pool instead of swimming. Moreover, plants that develop better in the shade shouldn’t be planted near pools.

Planting and Watering

Be sure to plant 6‒8 ft. away from the edge of the pool to keep debris and insects away. However, if chlorinated pool water does splash onto your plants, it won’t cause them any harm. You can, if you so choose, water your plants with pool water. You should also place taller plants in the back or middle of your garden bed for a more textured look. Instead of planting your foliage in rows, stagger the plants and combine grasses with flowering or leafy species. Finally, poolside plants need frequent irrigation because the summer sun reflects off the water surface, making the area very hot.

In the end, it all comes down to your taste. Select the colours and foliage displays that best suit your style and create your beautiful poolside oasis.


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