Creative Ways To Incorporate A Slide Into Your Pool

Whether you are young or old, a slide in your pool is a good time. Traditional slides are great, but there are many creative ways to install a slide in your backyard pool. Below are some creative ways to help you incorporate a slide into your pool and maximize summer fun in your backyard.

 How To Incorporate A Slide Into Your Pool

The Landscaped Pool

Many modern pools have incredible rock landscape architecture around them to give them a more natural feel. There are plenty of ways to incorporate a water slide into this landscaping to make it feel like you are riding a river rapid into the pool, or are taking a ride on a natural water slide in a canyon.

The Concrete/Tile Slide

A concrete or tile slide is a great option if you want to include something fun in your pool, but don’t want to compromise the aesthetic you have going. You can build a concrete/tile slide off the side of your pool that ends up looking simply like an extension of the pool. A beautiful, designer pool with a big, traditional fibreglass water slide can look out of place, especially if the pool is designed more for adults than children.

 How To Incorporate A Slide Into Your Pool

Inner Tube Slide

If you have the space for it, you might want to go with a slide that is a few times wider than your typical pool slide, so that you can fit inner tubes on it. This is a surefire way to recreate that water park thrill and feel, especially with younger children who may be afraid of the big slides at the park, but who will gladly take on your smaller backyard pool slide.

Prefabricated Slide

Prefabricated slides are a popular choice for many homeowners. These slides are less time consuming and more cost-effective than other pool types. Prefabricated slides come in a wide variety of styles to suit all ages. Even more, these slides can be custom designed to fit to your pool’s specific landscape and available space.

Your pool, especially if you have kids, is going to be one of the major focal points of your home and your yard during the summer. Make the experience as enjoyable and memorable as possible with a great, creative pool slide idea. You don’t need to break the bank to install something that will last a long time, and provide countless years of enjoyment to the people who are important to you.


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