How Having a Swimming Pool Will Take Your Party to the Next Level

Investings in a swimming pool can pay great dividends in the long run. In addition to its practical and recreational benefits, it can also increase the real estate value of your home if you decide to sell it. You can also see a pool as another reason to spend some quality time with your loved ones, and owning a pool may also motivate you and your family to become more physically active.

Swimming pool party for the summer evenings

At the very least, you can keep nice and cool during those hot muggy days, and you’ll save money that would have gone towards blasting the air conditioner all day and night for relief. Here, we break down how having a swimming pool will take your party to the next level on those warm summer evenings:

Set a Pool Party Theme

You can set the ideal tone and ambiance for your pool party by creating a certain theme that you think your party guest will enjoy. Think of your pool party as a great opportunity to experiment with different games, decorations, food, and invitations.

For instance, an underwater theme can include adding toy starfish, dolphins, and mermaids to the bottom of your pool for that quintessential oceanic ambiance. If you want to infuse your party with a little Hawaiian punch, then a few tiki torches and grass skirts can help bring the islands to your backyard. Those with a sweet tooth can indulge with an, “I love Candy” theme, with a few inflatable cakes and doughnuts tossed into the pool to create a candyland.

Play Great Pool Games

It goes without saying that the classic pool game ‘Marco Polo’ will be a staple at your pool party but you can go above and beyond the classics by adding some other pool party games into the mix. For instance, you can unleash your inner Michael Phelps by throwing a swim competition to determine who is the fastest swimmer at the party.

If you have a diving board then you can include a diving competition to see who is the most graceful and acrobatic diver at your party. Or perhaps throw in some water tag where everyone can get involved and have fun. Water balloon tossing and noodle jousting are other fun pool party games that you can include to keep your guests engaged in the festivities.

Hire A Swim Instructor

Hiring a professional pool party instructor can also amp things up to the next level as their expertise will not only ensure that everyone has fun without worry of danger but they can also provide you with some fun pool party ideas of their own. For instance, they can help organize some fun pool party games for you and your guests as well teach your guests some new and awesome swim techniques so that they can feel like swimming pros.

At the very least hiring a professional swim instructor will ensure that your guests will be safe and secure at your party. Nothing ruins a party quicker than a serious injury, so play safe.

Serve Delicious Pool Party Food

One of the great benefits of hosting a pool party is that you can serve your hungry guests some theme-based food. For instance, if your pool party has a certain theme then you can unleash your inner chef and get real creative with the snacks and meals that you serve at the party. Evidently, most pool parties include staple snacks like hamburgers and hotdogs but why not rise above the mundane and serve some exotic delicacies that will pique the interest of your inquisitive guests?

For instance, how about Baja fish tacos for a Mexican or seafood theme, or tropical guacamole for a Hawaiian theme? You can cool guests off with some snow cones, or set their taste buds on fire with some spicy BBQ chicken flatbread. Provide them with relief with some sweet ice cream sandwiches, or really take things up a notch with some fruit skewers with raspberry and vanilla dipping sauces.

Just remind your guests that they should wait an hour after eating before they jump back into the pool and that they should drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration.

Make Sure You’re Packing the Essentials

In most cases, people plan well ahead before launching an epic pool party, but sometimes guests forget to bring pool party essentials or simply don’t have the time to pick up the necessary items before dropping by. For such emergencies, you should stock your house with pool party essentials to avoid any embarrassing or awkward situations.

For example, make sure that you pack several extra sets of clothing, not only for swimming purposes but also in the event that a child attending your party has an accident. Extra sunglasses to keep harmful UV rays at bay are also a must, and include a few extra pairs of flip-flops and sandals while you’re at it so your guests aren’t walking around barefoot in the intense heat.

More importantly, don’t forget the sunscreen to avoid sunburn, and extra bathing suits and swim shorts are also a requirement. Finally, have a few extra towels handy after your guests get out of your pool and need to dry off.

Safety First

Of course, you want your party to go off without a hitch, and the best way to ensure that nothing goes wrong is to have a lifeguard or two present. Swim partners should also be assigned for the little ones, and children, and those who can’t swim should be provided with life vests. Finally, make sure that you have 2 or 3 first aid kits on hand in case someone gets injured in the pool.

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