Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Pool

Now that the nice weather is finally upon us, you can start to look at your pool once again without feeling a pang of nostalgia. It won’t be long, depending on where you live, before you can once again enjoy your yard, your pool and time outside with your family. There are some things that you are going to need to take care of before the pool is ready to dive into. Below are some spring cleaning tips for your pool.

 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Pool

Trim and Clean.

Many people don’t think about this step, but it is important to trim the vegetation around your pool before opening it up for spring. This is especially true if the plants are evergreens and have been growing all winter. If you open your pool up before you trim back the plants, you might end up with a pool full of leaves, twigs and flowers once everything starts to bloom. Also, pay special attention to any leaves or other debris that may have accumulated around the pump and/or filter.

The Pool Cover

If you have accumulated water on your pool cover over the course of the winter, you are going to want to pump it off. Most covers are a weave, and are not truly impermeable, so water is likely to leak through. If there are only leaves and debris on your pool cover, a simply sweep will do the trick. Once you have cleared off the cover, spray it down with the hose.

Pool Water

Start by removing any plugs from the skimmer and return and insert the skimmer baskets. You may also need to add some water to top the pool up. It is a good idea to add a little bit more water than necessary to compensate for any water loss while performing the rest of the cleaning, and to allow for some evaporation.

Filter Pump

You should check the pump and the filter for any damage/cracking that may have occurred since you last shut your pool down. You should also replace the drain plugs using teflon tape. It is also a good idea to prime the pump with water before starting the motor. Apply a good pool lubricant to the pump lid o-ring and then replace the pump lid, making sure that it is on tight.

Getting your pool ready for the spring and summer is exciting. The luxury of being able to take a refreshing dip when the warm weather hits is great, and the entertainment value of having a pool for friends and family is hard to overstate. Keep the above tips in mind this spring when getting your pool ready, and be sure that your backyard oasis is primed for pool season.


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