Pool Safety Tips For Seniors

Pools can be a wonderful way to cool off in the warmer weather months. Many families have pools put in so that they can enjoy the outdoors even when it’s strikingly hot outside. It is a great way for friends and family to gather and enjoy each other’s company.

Pool Safety Tips

Not only can pools be dangerous for youth who may not know how to swim yet, but it can be dangerous for seniors as well. When senior citizens frequently use a pool, it is important that they follow the safety tips below. These tips could prevent them from getting hurt or even drowning.

  • Seniors should avoid swimming by themselves. There should always be others around so that if something were to happen, they can call out for help and someone will hear them immediately.
  • The pool should be free of all clutter. Take out all pool toys, rafts and other objects. This makes it easier to move around the pool.
  • Have a pool alarm installed. This alarm is also great for families with children. An alarm sets off whenever someone sets foot into the pool without knowledge. This informs the responsible parties of the home that someone has entered the pool.
  • Get senior pool exercising techniques from your physician. Find out what exercises are best for seniors while in a pool.
  • Make sure that there are floats and other objects available that could help a senior if they can’t keep themselves above water.
  • Sunscreen should be worn by every senior. The increasingly hot sun can greatly hurt a senior’s more fragile skin. This could cause illness, pain, or even death.

Seniors will need to stay hydrated when out in the sun. It is important that with exercising in the hot sun, that seniors stay hydrated. Being in a pool makes the sun’s rays beat down on you harder, causing you to dehydrate faster.

Swimming pools are very beneficial for seniors in many ways. It helps them socialize and stay active. When used right, a pool can be a great source of exercise, especially for the elderly. It makes movements easier and more fluid than they would be on dry land. Of course, none of this matters if the safety precautions aren’t followed. Pool safety is extremely important and all seniors that enter the pool should be aware of the risks and the ways to protect themselves while they enjoy the cool water.


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