Benefits of Swimming in Saltwater Pools While Pregnant

Women who are pregnant may often feel as if they are being weighed down. This is perfectly normal, as they are carrying another human being inside them. Due to the added risk involved with a pregnancy, many doctors advise that pregnant women cut back on their normal routine, which may include vigorous exercise.

Benefits of salt water pools for pregnant women

The good news, is swimming is often a recommended exercise for pregnant women. In fact, swimming is a great way to stay in shape regardless of whether or not you are pregnant, as it helps boost your endurance as well as your strength. People who have recently been in an accident or have injured themselves in some other way, as well as amateur and professional athletes, often turn to swimming as a part of their rehab.

As such, many doctors recommend that expectant mothers maintain their health by swimming regularly. It is seen as an easy and safe way for pregnant women to stay active, as it will help ensure that the internal mechanisms or processes of the body are kept healthy. It will also strengthen your body and eliminate stress from your aching joints, which is an absolute must due to the excess pressure of supporting another human life inside you. Here, we break down the benefits of swimming in saltwater pools while pregnant.

Improve Your Cardio

Swimming is an incredible way to give your cardiovascular system a proper workout, regardless of whether or not you are pregnant. However, due to the water supporting some of your weight, pregnant women can improve their cardiovascular fitness safely, without noticing the extra pounds.

Improve Circulation

Optimal circulation is an absolute must when pregnant because optimal oxygen processing and delivery are required to ensure that the growing baby inside is getting a good oxygen supply. Swimming in an anaerobic exercise that is safe for pregnant women, and will also improve their circulation in a way that benefits both mother and child.

Reduce Back Strain

Most pregnant women will notice that their spine and shoulders are pushed forward while they’re pregnant. Their pelvises may also be tilted in such a way that is thrown out of its alignment. The good news is swimming will ensure that your ligaments and joints are healthy and will also strengthen the muscles in a gentle manner. The can help combat a misaligned pelvis, spine, and shoulders, and also reduce back sprain in the process.

Reduce the Risk of Heatstroke

It is common for many pregnant women to report feeling excess heat throughout the day. This is perfectly normal and should not be cause for alarm in most cases, as the extra heat is usually caused by the life inside you. You can still reduce the heat by swimming, which helps you maintain a comfortable and normal internal temperature.

Notice Skin Improvements

Another benefit of swimming in a saltwater pool over a chlorinated pool is that your skin won’t feel dry or itchy afterwards. Instead, a quick dip in a saltwater pool will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth afterwards. Anyone who suffers from a skin condition such as eczema, acne, and psoriasis can also benefit from saltwater pools, as with repeated exposure salt water can alleviate such unpleasant skin conditions.

Your body’s ability to retain moisture will also be enhanced because saltwater serves as an organic moisturizer and exfoliant. Your body will be able to moisturize more effectively by swimming in saltwater pools on a regular basis. Given the fact that pregnant women often have more than enough on their plates already, not having to worry about their skin is a nice benefit.

Don’t be Sensitive to Smell
A common symptom that comes along with pregnancy is sensitivity to smell. It’s no secret that chlorinated pools have a distinct scent, which isn’t usually bothersome to users — unless they’re pregnant. The smell of a traditional pool won’t linger when you have a saltwater pool, so you can float in comfort.

Sink or Swim

In sum, there are many benefits to swimming in saltwater pools while pregnant. You will not only notice an improvement in your mood and overall mental well being but will also burn calories, boost your cardiovascular and circulatory systems, and stay nice and cool during your pregnancy. Swimming has also been shown to improve sleep and boost concentration, which are both absolute musts for women who need to be prepared for the ups-and-downs of a 9-month pregnancy. In the end, putting in the effort to keep active and fit during a pregnancy will not only benefit the mother but the growing baby inside her as well.

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