3 Things You Should Know Before You Start to Dig a Pool

Before you are able to enjoy that lovely new inground pool in your backyard, the obligatory hole must be dug to create the space you need. Without the hole in the ground, there is no pool, but digging the hole isn’t as straightforward as it seems. Here are three important points to consider before you start digging.

Pool Construction

Surprises May Be In Store

When you take on the task of digging the hole for your pool, the first thing you should know is surprises may be in store for you under the surface. Not elaborate underground cities or anything that exciting, but you may encounter some pretty big rocks or unexpected water.

If you hit a big enough rock as you dig, you may be forced to make a decision to either switch to a new location on your property or hammer the rock into smaller pieces and remove it. Both of these options will cost extra money. If you start digging and encounter water, you may have to call in some extra help to figure out the source and how it may effect your new pool.

Removing the Dirt

Naturally, when digging a hole big enough to fit a pool into, you’re going to have an awful lot of dirt to remove from your property. And in most cases, the amount of dirt that comes out is a lot more than the homeowner thought would be there at the beginning of the project. Dirt removal should be part of the planning process before the project gets underway, just so you don’t end up with mammoth piles of dirt that are still there after the pool is finished.

If it’s possible to take the dirt away as you dig, that would be the ideal situation. That way, you’d have the same amount of space to work with in the yard and more importantly, it would be done.

You May Save Less Than You Think

The savings factor is one that applies to people who decide they’re going to save a bit of money and dig the hole themselves, before the pool company comes in and takes over. Theoretically, this may seem like a good plan, but digging a hole for a pool is more of a science than it seems.

A proper excavation must include digging the hole to the exact specifications that are required, dealing with any slope in the yard and making sure the equipment doesn’t cause any damage to the yard or the house.

In many cases, the customer must have the pool company bring in their equipment to correct the mistakes, after already renting digging equipment, making for a double expense. Trust the dig to the experts, so you know your pool is installed correctly and you don’t waste your own time or money.


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