4 Safety Precautions for Diving Board Safety

Pool safety is essential to enjoying the swimming season. Teaching your children the essentials of proper pool behavior will keep them free from injury.

Diving Board Safety

It’s even more critical for children and adults to have an understanding of the proper safety precautions when it comes to diving boards.

If you have a diving board at your pool, you can make it a safe and fun addition through proper maintenance and good diving habits.

The following precautions for diving board safety will make sure you stay safe all summer long.

  1. Diving Board Maintenance
  2. Proper routine maintenance of your diving board is the best way to keep it safe. It’s a proactive way to ensure that your board is free of damage from the elements or general wear.

    Look for any cracks at the fulcrum. This is the most commonly worn out area and can pose serious risks if overlooked. If the bolts that hold it in place are rusty, the likelihood of damage during use will increase.

    Keeping your diving board clean will also ensure that it works properly. Using soap and water, simply hose it off daily.

  3. Assess the water
  4. It’s always a good idea to take a moment to check the water before you dive. If multiple people are at the pool, make sure that the person before you has cleared the way for your dive. Likewise, makes sure to make way for the next diver once you’ve completed your dive.

  5. One at a Time
  6. To ensure diving safety, there should only be one person on the board at any given time. Having more than one person on the board can be a serious hazard. In addition, if your board is not equipped for heavier loads, this can contribute to wear over time.

    Diving boards generally last about 10 years. With improper use, you increase the rate at which you’ll need to replace it.

  7. Keep it Simple
  8. There’s no need to compete with complex dives that can be dangerous to you and others. Residential pools are not the place for risky diving attempts. Many accidents occur when individuals attempt unusual diving maneuvers.

    Practice common sense and basic safety measures when it comes to diving. To keep your pool safe, apply the proper maintenance to your diving board to minimize wear over time and enhance its performance. Practicing and promoting safe behavior on the diving board will allow everyone to enjoy their time at the pool.


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