5 Things You Need to Consider When Throwing a Child a Pool Party

Hosting a pool party for your child can be a lot of fun, but it can take a fair bit of extra planning to ensure the party goes off without a hitch. On top of the usual party staples like cake and presents, you’ll need to address a few additional concerns before filling your pool with young ones.

Child Pool Party

1. Do you have enough supervision?

Anything that involves children playing in and around the water will require additional adult supervision, and the larger the party, the lower that ratio should be. With more children around, the energy of the party will be higher and it will be easier for dangerous situations go unnoticed.

Don’t overcrowd the pool or stretch your supervisors too thin! Ensure you have enough confirmed adults attending who can adequately keep everyone safe, and among them should be at least one CPR-trained person.

2. Rethink your party menu

Every party needs food, but you may want to consider changing up the menu from traditional party fare to something more appropriate for the pool.

Heavy foods can lead to overeating, cramps, and sickness, and can be a pretty effective way of killing the pool party vibe.

Instead, opt for lighter foods that children can pick at when they’re hungry, but won’t make them sluggish or heavy-feeling. A taco bar is a popular choice that allows the pickier children to choose what they want to eat. Snacks like veggie sticks, popsicles, and watermelon are also summer favorites that go great with time spent in the pool.

3. Plan engaging activities!

When planning your activities for the day, don’t forget to include a few outside-the-pool options in case you have children who don’t want to – or can’t – swim. There’s not much worse than going to a pool party and being left out of everything because you can’t get in the water, so plan ahead and keep a few fun items on hand just in case.

Activities in the pool are also great ways to keep everyone entertained and engaged, and things like pool volleyball and diving rings tend to be a big hit with children. Having structured games will help you maintain order and enforce the rules while keeping them occupied and out of trouble.

4. Stock-up on supplies

In addition to all the usual party supplies, you’ll need to have a few pool-specific items on hand for the big day. Think about your planned activities to make your list, but don’t forget the general pool party essentials:

  • Extra lawn chairs for supervisors and blankets for kids
  • Extra towels in case someone forgets theirs
  • Beach umbrellas to create shade
  • Kiddie pool (for the younger children)
  • Beach balls
  • Pool volleyball net
  • Cooler
  • Hula hoops
  • Sunscreen
  • Disposable cameras

5. Have a solid backup plan

If your pool party is using an outdoor or backyard pool, it’s always a good idea to have a backup plan. The weather will not always cooperate with your plans and having a pool party in the middle of a thunderstorm is dangerous for obvious reasons. Choose a rain date and include it on the invitation or have a backup plan for fun indoor activities. If the pool is indoors, be sure to let guests know that the party is on rain or shine!


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