Customizing your Pool

When it comes to installing a pool, there’s a lot more to decide on than just where you want to put it. In fact, there are many decisions that you’ll have to make over the course of designing the perfect pool for your family.

Customized Pool

Pools can be a significant financial investment for some people, so it’s worth taking some time to make sure you are getting exactly what you want.

Inground or Above Ground?

The first major decision to make is what basic type of pool best suits your family’s needs and budgets. And most importantly, do you want an inground or above ground pool?

There are many advantages to inground pools that you simply can’t get from an above ground pool, so you and your family should take a close look at some of the benefits and important considerations you need to make.

Benefits of inground pools

  • Seamlessly blend into your landscaping with natural rock, plants, and tile
  • Great durability for many years of use
  • Huge variety of options for dressing up your pool including fountains, waterfalls, and sports equipment
  • Available in many shapes, sizes, and depths
  • Easier to keep heated than above ground models


  • Regardless of the type of pool you choose you will have to do weekly maintenance, but this can be greatly reduced by using modern pool maintenance products such as automatic cleaners.
  • Check local building codes before installing a pool as there may be specific guidelines as to where it can be placed on your property. Be sure to avoid placing pools within close proximity to field lines or septic tanks.
  • In many communities pools are required to have fencing around them in order to prevent accidental drowning. Check local by-laws to see what your pool will require.
  • Just like any other serious home renovation, installing a pool may affect your insurance and property tax.

Above ground pools are more affordably priced and can be easily setup by just a few people over a weekend, but they don’t offer the same level of customization and usually won’t increase your property value in the same way an inground pool will.

Customization Options

Once you have figured out the basics, it’s time to get creative and imagine your perfect pool! Does it have waterfalls and mood lighting? How about a slide? Maybe your dream pool is a salt water pool that gives you the ultimate backyard relaxation. It’s easy to create a unique and completely customized pool that will suit your style.

If you’re looking to put touches that are uniquely you on your pool, Solda pools can help with our huge range of optional enhancements. Take your pool from the basics to a sanctuary with some of our available features:

  • Waterfalls
  • Fountain bubblers
  • Colored lights
  • Vanishing edge
  • Laminar jets
  • Deck jets
  • Fireplace or fire pit
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Attached hot tub
  • Automated cleaning
  • Salt generator


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