Are There “Green” Pool Chemicals?

With many people choosing a more natural and chemical free lifestyle, alternatives to the standard pool setup have become increasingly popular.

Natural Pool

Concerns over the effect of chlorine on the body have led many to consider alternatives such as ionization systems which create clear and healthy water without the need for harsh chemicals. While these systems are effective and a good alternative to chlorine or bromine, a popular trend in current pool design is going in a very different direction: 100% natural, healthy pools.

These natural pools require much less maintenance and little to no chemical treatments because they are healthy, living, self-cleaning ecosystems. While they may cost a little more to install, the long term savings will more than make up for the initial investment.

How do Natural Pools Work?

Designs can vary widely, but the basic principle is the same: A regeneration zone of approximately the same size as the swimming area is planted with aquatic vegetation, and the pool’s pump circulates the water from the swimming area through the regeneration zone and back, cleaning it in the process.

The vegetation absorbs the nutrients from the water preventing the growth of algae, and small waterfalls can act as great aeration tools. Unlike standard pools which require constant adjustment, natural pools can take care of themselves so you will never need to delay a much-desired swim due to a bad chemical balance or unexpected chemical treatments. However even with traditional swimming pools, this shouldn’t be an issue as long as you’re keeping an eye on the health of your water.

Are Natural Pools Safe?

When used responsibly, there is almost zero risk of dangerous contamination. The water will even be drinkable and will not irritate the skin or eyes as chlorinated water might. It’s a common misconception that living water is somehow dangerous, but that’s an unproven claim.

The first natural pools evolved in Europe from ponds that were frequently used for swimming. Over time, swimmers began shaping these natural landscapes to make them more suitable for swimming and the final result was natural pools.

A new trend has sprung up in more recent years to blend modern technology with all the best parts of natural pools to create a sort of hybrid. These hybrid pools are natural pools at the basic level, but incorporate standard technologies such as surface skimmers, main drains, and pool cleansers. Perfect for those who like the idea of natural pools, but are uncomfortable with the idea of letting it take care of itself, hybrids are the perfect solution for avoiding chemical-use while enjoying all the comforts of modern technology.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional pool or something a little more green, Solda Pools can help you create the perfect pool!


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