Winter Blues – Top 5 Plant Protection Tips in Harsh Conditions

Whether you have had plant material installed by our expert landscape crew at Solda Pools or have done your own landscaping on your property, here are some plant protection tips for winter maintenance of your plant material in harsh conditions.

Burlapped Tree
Burlapped Tree (Photo Courtesy:

1. Wind, snow and ice can cause serious damage to sensitive trees such as young cedars. Before the winter season approaches, consider covering sensitive trees in burlap to protect from the harsh conditions of winter. New trees should be protected with burlap for at least the first winter after installation. Always remember to remove the burlap when the warmer weather comes in early spring to allow new growth to begin.

2. You can also protect young deciduous trees from winter using a plastic wrapping that protects thin bark from overexposure to the elements. This wrapping can be found at nurseries and can be removed in early spring time to allow the tree bark to continue shifting and growing.

3. Before winter arrives it is also a good idea to apply bone meal to all plant material. Bone meal is a slow release organic fertilizer that contains nutrients such as phosphorus that will assist the plant material growth.

4. In the event of a snow or ice storm, DO NOT chip off or remove ice from the branches or trunks of trees. A tree covered in ice is brittle and branches will snap causing more harm to the tree and possibly anyone or anything standing around the tree. Let the ice free itself from the tree through natural processes. Once the temperature increases and ice has fallen off it is okay to straighten branches up gently with a broom on younger trees. In some cases ice may cause irreversible damage to a tree. Contact a certified arborist to get a professional opinion on trees you aren’t sure about.

5. Road and sidewalk salts can cause serious damage to tree roots. If you are planning on salting a driveway or a sidewalk, keep a close eye on the drip lines (the farthest overhang of the tree) of the trees around. Tree roots can extend far out around trees and salts leeching into these roots can damage or kill root tips of salt intolerant species.

Harsh Winter Conditions  
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Apply these tips to your property and you will spend less time and money replacing dead plants and more time enjoying a full and flourishing garden. After a long, cold winter, Solda Pools is happy to provide you with landscape design and installation services that will result in a backyard retreat you can show off with pride.



Dan Thurtell, BLA – Solda Pools Professional Designer


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