What pool type should you choose?

A pool for the house means more fun and activity in the comfort and privacy of your own home. It can be a place for adult parties or a wholesome way to spend the afternoon with the family. Putting a pool on your property is a serious decision with some good options available on the market.

Choose Right Pools

How much can you spend?

Cost is often a serious part of decision to major cash outlays. The difference in cost usually starts in the thousands between fibreglass pools and vinyl pools. Fibreglass is far more expensive because of the cost of materials and labour that goes into its construction. Vinyl is far more affordable, although replacement times come faster for vinyl.

Customizable to your needs

Each home has a different space available to build a pool. Fibreglass is premolded, so even for homeowners who are able to afford the difference in cost, if their property doesn’t allow it, they may not be able to build a pool using Fibreglass. Furthermore, Fibreglass pools don’t usually exceed 8 feet in depth and 16 feet in width. Vinyl on the other hand is very flexible. It can provide installation solutions where fibreglass can’t.

Furthermore, vinyl linings can come in patterns that are visually appealing. In the style of Mediterranean tiles, vinyl prints are pleasing to the eye and to the touch. Vinyl is smooth, while Fibreglass are rough on hands and feet. In terms of design, vinyl linings make for far nicer pools that are easy on the hands and feet.

Long-term maintenance

The texture of vinyl naturally prevents growth of alga, meaning more time in the pool and less cleaning. The upkeep for fibreglass can be low, but alga growth is uninhibited. Fibreglass doesn’t need to be replaced nearly as often as vinyl liners, although vinyl construction is sturdy in itself.

Other Installation issues

Vinyl is not only flexible to homeowner needs, its installation is usually very quick. It can be installed in periods of a week or less. Because of their easy installation, they come in kits that are not difficult or labour intensive to install. That means cost savings for the homeowner and less construction time. Construction can be a hassle for those at home, and the less time spent around the noise and mess of renovation, the better. Plus, a quick installation means more pool time for everyone.


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