Tips For Decorating A Swim-Up Bar

There are many designs that homeowners use to improve the look and function of their swimming pools. A swim-up bar is a popular feature that turns your pool into the perfect spot for entertaining family and friends.

How to Decorate Your Swim-Up Bar

Swim-up bars allow you to enjoy food and drinks while relaxing in the pool. They eliminate the need to get out and make your way into the house. A swim-up bar is a great addition that’s functional and adds to the value of your home.

Now that swim-up bars have made their way from hotel pools and resorts and into the home, it’s important to know how to decorate your swim-up bar.

The Goal Of Your Swim-Up Bar

There are many reasons why homeowners install swim-up bars in their pools. Many want to accommodate a family that spends a majority of the summer in and around the pool area.

Others want to create a unique way to relax at home and entertain guests. Swim-up pools can create the feeling of being away at a resort without leaving your own backyard.

If the goal of your swim-up bar is to save space, you need to consider how to decorate it to maximize its benefits.

Swim-Up Bar Seating

Swim-up bars have seats that make it easy for swimmers to enjoy their food or beverages. Your swim-up bar should be placed in the shallow end of the pool. This makes it easier to install the right seating.

Seats should be installed by first considering the height of the bar. They should allow you to sit comfortably while still remaining in the pool’s water. Be sure to consider the amount of legroom that you’ll have relative to the counter.


You’ll be serving food and drinks at your swim-up bar. Your bar should be easily accessed from the cooking area. This makes it easy to transport food while allowing people on both sides of the bar to socialize.

The swim-up bar will sit low relative to those who are on the outside of the pool. This will determine your swim-up bar design, and you can use this to determine the best way to design your pool’s bar.

Creating A Luxury Look

Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the luxuries of being in a hotel or resort pool bar. You can add a number of features, such as patio heaters, fans, and a full kitchen, so that you have everything you would on a luxury vacation.

An outdoor kitchen is a perfect accessory for your swim-up bar, and it goes a long way to increase the value of your home.

Other features like waterfalls, televisions, and plants can be used to decorate your swim-up bar. You can install lighting to improve the ambiance of your swim-up bar at night.

These are some popular tips for decorating your swim-up bar. By considering the functionality of your bar, you can determine what features would be best suited for improving its appearance and comfort.

Your swim-up bar may become the most attractive feature of your home, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities for entertaining guests all year long.


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