2 Pools Not Suited For Canadian Climates

Canada is known for many things, such as a multitude of amazing cities, excellent natural landscape, and freezing (often frigid) winter temperatures. Most people, many Canadians included, could do without the last point!

Natural Swimming Pool
Source: www.luxurypools.com

Alas, cold weather comes with the beauty of this country as a package deal; if you live or are planning on living in Canada and want to own an in-ground pool, you need to know that not just any pool will do. Not all outdoor pools are created equal, as some are more susceptible in harsh climates than others. Before you invest thousands in your new, personal relaxation escape, make sure you are buying the right type.

Which pools work in Canada and which ones do not?

For starters, natural swimming pools, or those that do not use chlorine, tend to work best in warm weather regions. These no-chemical pools are not made to withstand the major temperature shifts commonly associated with Canadian season changes. Best served by a stable, year-round climate, the lack of chlorine obviously makes natural pools more prone to bacteria buildup, notable algae.

More important than this, however, is the fact that these pools should never be drained and refilled; since they are essentially self-contained ecosystems, attempting to winterize them usually ends up affecting them negatively. For obvious reasons, the vast majority of Canadian pool owners stick to conventional chlorine-fed models.

Saltwater pools work well in cold weather, but only when maintained with the proper equipment. Whereas the draw of these pools is their ability to automatically sanitize themselves via electrolysis, an extra boost of chlorine is required during winter months for the sake of keeping some in the pool at all times.

The reason being that salt generates cease working when water temperatures dip below the 60 degree mark; therefore, without the addition of a floating chlorinator, your saltwater pool’s salinity levels will be well above the recommended value.

As you can see, there are very few types of pools that are not suited for Canadian climates, namely the natural, non-chemical kind. This is great news for homeowners looking to build, but keep in mind that the quality and longevity of every pool is contingent on how well it is maintained. Failure to perform preventative upkeep at regular intervals can cause a number of costly problems.


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